December 15, 2022

Yesterdaze are a fresh new foursome from Norway (albeit with an Icelandic lead-singer) who have just produced their first recorded output, an entertaining five-track EP called Act-U-All. The vitality and sheer excitement of the band making music together shines through in this very impressive offering!

The band effortlessly plough their way through a wide-ranging mix of indie-rock, alt-rock, and just plain good-time rock. They’re quite frankly challenging us to define them, but if pushed I would offer a touch of Queens Of The Stone Age, Our Lady Peace and -more than most – New York’s finest, Connor Bracken and The Mother Leeds Band.

Armann Ingthorsson – Vocals
Lars Stray – Bass
Torje Antonsen – Drums
Martin Selen – Guitar

By all that, I mean a distinctive voice, powerful and emotive; a youthful energetic mix of soul-driven New Wave hard-rock, a raw, angry vibe that still manages to be powerful but tuneful; these are no three-chord-thrash merchants but a talented tight-knit set of musicians – perhaps think early Graham Parker and The Rumour?

That’s got the scene-setting out of the way, lets explore the gang a little more. Yesterdaze is a product of the musical melting-pot that is Oslo, and their live energy has been a major hit with the mainstream pop-rock audience in the Norwegian capital. Since 2019 they have been an active live band in the Oslo rock scene and have quickly become known for their exhilarating and raw concerts. They have paved their way through Oslo’s various venues and stages, with the extraordinary habit of always getting booked to do a new show after each gig. Aggressively addictive songs delivered through Armann’s unique and raw vocals, does make these five songs exceptionally catchy and memorable after only a couple of listens.

Yesterdaze comment: “Our main purpose with Act U All and the songs we chose for this EP was to tell our future audience what to expect when they catch us live, and to really want to see us live. We wanted this to be the very first thoughts of anyone who hears the songs for the first time.
At the same time we also sought to create music that grows on you and that can reveal new meanings, or inspire new lines of thought, the more you listen to them.”

The result is an impressive 5 track debut EP that manages to both show off the wide musical range Yesterdaze can create, and gives you a clear image of what the band is and where they want to go. Like many bands, they are at their best when playing to a live audience. Unusually, they specifically focus on how their music will be received live when writing new music.

The EP opens with Evolution 2.0, this instantly grabs you with the pacey riff, taut drums and bass, and Armann’s distinctive vocals – this is where the Connor Bracken reference kicks in, full of youthful zest and passion, yet controlled and tuneful. It’s nicely composed and arranged, an arresting start! Freedom then creeps in like a gothic B-movie before the band kicks in. Well worth listening to, its powerful timeless power-pop, again excellently put together with soaring vocals – this guy is special! A tasty, twisted guitar solo brings the song nearly to its end – it goes quiet and broody again before the final kerrang!

Know No Better is a raunchy, rocky number, suddenly and strongly reminds me of a similarly young British band Tax The Heat – that same classic but quality blend of almost duelling vocals and guitars backed by a tight drums and bass duo. This one really bounds along, again well worth hearing.

Out of Ammo’s opening riff could be Iron Maiden or Judas Priest before it settles again into a pacey NWOBHM-esque rock. Sorry about that, I cant think of a better way of describing it to you the reader, and Yesterdaze will delight in that difficulty. suffice to say, it’s youthful, energetic, tuneful, bouncy – and good! Zombie’s Waltz brings the song-set to a close, a slower, quite bluesy number but with sharp and edgy guitar work and more powerhouse vocals.

There is a sustained intensity throughout this EP, to the point where you could imagine vocalist Armann seems to be gasping for air at times – but that description diminishes the sheer attack in his voice which, when paired with the full-on interactions between guitarist Martin and bassist Lars, and Torje’s tight and unstoppable drums, you are definitely experiencing some “high altitude” songs that immediately catch your attention and reel you in – it’s a very intrgiuing introduction to what is undoubtedly a very talented young band.

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