December 31, 2023

Zhiva is a female fronted hard rock band from Sweden and was initially formed in 2001 by the pairing of vocalist Anette Johansson and multi-instrumentalist Mats Edström.

The band originally used the name Shiva with three albums being released up to the project closing in 2006 with the pair reuniting in 2016 but now with the name changed to Zhiva with Into The Eye Of The Storm being album number four and with a new team that also includes guitarist Patrik Svärd (Cloudscape, Sapphire Eyes, Alyson Avenue), bassist Nilo Kovacic (Hellspray), keyboard player Thomas Olsén and drummer Fredrik Eriksson (Sapphire Eyes, Alyson Avenue).

Normally, the Scandinavian female fronted bands tend to be of a Gothic or symphonic nature by Zhazi tries to steer clear of these waters being a hard but melodic rock band but there are some symphonic/orchestral moments that firmly puts the band in the cross-genre category. In truth, the closest comparisons are probably Delain and Within Temptation in rockier mode with Into The Eye Of The Storm being heavy on riffs with an atmospheric and often doom-laden vibe.

There is plenty of melody throughout and some neat guitar with Johansson having an evocative and powerful voice which makes this a fine welcome return album from a band with talent aplenty and is a fine platform for Johansson and Edström to build on for the next release.

Into The Eye Of The Storm

  1. Breaking The Chains (4:43)
  2. Step Into The Fire (4:26)
  3. Evelyn (5:03)
  4. Into The Eye Of The Storm (4:29)
  5. Autumn Sky (4:40)
  6. Broken (3:42)
  7. Beyond Forever (4:31)
  8. Nothing Will Ever Remain (4:48)
  9. Last Tears (4:18)
  10. Undeniable (2:50)