December 3, 2023

The Swedish indie rock outfit Amaunet is back. Following the release of their 2020 self-titled EP and 2021’s While I’m Living EP, the band is now set to release their debut full-length studio album Home via Lövely Records. Inspired by a wide spectrum of genres and musical eras, including alternative rock bands from the 00s like The Strokes, Kings of Leon, and 90s Britpop bands such as Oasis, Amaunet have developed a playful, direct and melodic indie rock sound.

Home was recorded by Tommy Tift (Vånna Inget, True Moon, in The End Studios, and produced, mixed and mastered by Rasmus Ringdahl. It will be released on all streaming platforms on the 8th of December via Lövely Records.

Amaunet was first formed in Lund, Sweden, back in 2017. As a band, the quintet effortlessly blend melodies and hooks inspired by the ´60s hits with the Britpop swagger & guitar roar of the ´90s – then and mix it up with the sound of the alternative rock scene of the ́00s. Iranian-born singer Nari’s vocals are equal parts rough, sweet and soaring. Amaunet’s sound is recognized by classic rock vocals mixed with direct, tight drums, melodic riffs and driving bass. Amaunet released their self-titled debut album 2020-11-20. Singles from their debut album have been played on Australian & American radio as well as Swedish student radio and P3 Sveriges radio. The second single ‘Supernovas’ made it to International radio as well. 

As part of promoting the new album Home, Amaunet has been hitting plenty of live stages, sharing with Florence Valentin, Westkust, Vånna Inget and other indie acts at classic venues in Sweden such as Mejeriet, Pustervik, Babel and Kulturbolaget (KB). The sound of the new album reflects their live work, it’s raw and effortless, recording in a few takes as possible in the studio, recording all instruments at once, just like in the good old days.

First up is the titular track, introduced with plenty of fuzzy reverb, singer Nari immediately displaying a distinct likeness to KOL’s Caleb Followill. It’s perhaps an odd for opener, it has an experimental feel to it but gets going nicely whilst having a dark edginess, it being about the price paid for a selfish life…It’s followed by the hugely catchy Interrupt (see video below), pure Britpop and very nice too! Despite its positive and playful sound, it’s actually about the troubles for folk suffering with ADHD, aging and escape through addiction.

I Wanna Leave Home is another very Noughties sound, there’s a touch of The Hives to it as well, it’s accomplished stuff! I like the way the band don’t try to drown out the melodies with humungous riffery, there’s plenty of meat to these songs but they’re nicely arranged. Like a Sign is slower, in effect a ballad, again a nicely balanced sound around a good tune. Need Another Song is (ironically?) the title of four minutes worth of classic Scandi-punkpop. A timeless, good time vibe, again redolent of The Hives in their pomp.

And now for something completely different! – Maybe sort of staggers in with a honky-tonk piano intro, and the song itself is a sort of “bar-room crooner” four bar blues. Good though, I certainly rate the variety these guys inject into this album! The next track is called either Come On Over or Keen depending on where the info comes from. It’s another dark, edgy, blues-based take on KOL-style Scandi-rock, with a really strong bass and percussion line. Again a strong arrangement that makes great use of switching between a fuller sound and quite sparse sections. There’s some lovely guitar work in here as well.

Hold On is a good example of how the band blend Nirvana or Strokes-style Alt-rock with a more classic bar-room blues sound. The result is refreshing and original, and only adds to the interest and variety to be found across the album as a whole – I love this one in particular! Sunny Pink continues in a similar vein, very Strokes, very tuneful, very nice, and some more scorching guitar work towards the end. Imagination is next, hugely KOL-inspired, there’s a full minute of jangly guitar intro before the band launches in, Nari sounding like a doppelganger for the aforementioned Caleb here! The closing track is different again, it sounds as though it was recorded separately with Nari singing very emotionally and “real” with his heart on his sleeve and just a single acoustic guitar strumming for company. It’s short, not the most rousing end to a song-set but it’s completely honest and “out there”

All in all, not knowing diddly about this band, I thoroughly enjoyed listening to the entire set, because each track was different from the previous, the light and shade within a masterful production really working well. Congratulations to a Great young band with Great promise!