September 9, 2021

Indie-rock outfit Amaunet will release their new mini-album “While I’m Living” on 22 October 2021 on Lövely Records. The mini-album will be released on all streaming platforms. 

Amaunet are a Swedish band formed in Lund, Sweden, back in 2017. Since then they’ve been playing and writing, recording songs and have played countless gigs and festivals throughout both Sweden and Europe. There is a clear chemistry with each other in their playing, which sets the mood for their music. Amaunet, their self-titled debut mini-album was released on Lövely Records in 2020.

Their second single ‘Supernovas’ from Amaunet made it to international radio as well as Swedish national radio, featuring regularly on Australian and American radio stations.

Amaunet consists of Nariman Mirzaie (Lead Vocals), Oliver Miller (Electric Guitar), Viktor Hallberg (Electric Guitar) Oscar Ahlbin (Drums) and Josefine Hedberg (Bass Guitar)

The sound on “While I’m Living” is quite intense and nostalgic. Imagine a direct cross of The Strokes with Kings Of Leon, and you’ve got the overall sound and vibe of this quartet! Singer Nari’s vocals are equal parts rough, sweet, and soaring, whilst the band’s sound features direct, tight drums, melodic guitar riffs and driving bass, giving massive clues to their influences – alternative rock bands from the 00s, and 90s Britpop bands such as Oasis – mixing nostalgia with something new.

The band comment: ”This album is one of those album we have been longing to record. We grabbed our instruments and headed over to the studio and recorded everything live. It instantly felt right”

This could again be described as a mini-album, halfway between an EP and a full-length album, featuring six tracks. First up is When You Come By the current single and video. A pacey, upbeat powerpop track, the guitar and rhythm work is all very reminiscent of The Stokes. It’s good stuff! And the singer reminds me hugely of Caleb Followill from Kings Of Leon – you can imagine this band being built around those vocals!

Word is next, the vocals continue in this very “pronounced, open-mouthed”, careful delivery – Nari clearly has a certain way of expressing himself, in a sort of “classic crooner” way! A nicely produced song though, there’s some particularly fine guitar work soaring in the background.

Sunny on a Plane is sheer poignancy, it somehow has a hint of Morrissey about the vibe. While I’m Living has a more relaxed, spaced-out feel , imagine yourself sat on a sunny balcony somewhere in the Med, there’s some gorgeous acoustic finger-picking guitar work here, hugely skilful. And the whole song works well because of the crisp, clear, sunny mix, you can almost hear the cicadas in the trees, not very Swedish at all!

Silver Sunlight is hugely Strokes-like, the pace, taut percussion, persistent bassline, jangly riff and chords, it’s all there and it sounds good. And then the mini-album’s closer Violent Renaissance brings you right back into Kings of Leon territory, equally faithfully.

There is a definite air of studied melancholy about several of these tracks, Nari’s voice being very well suited to a wistful, poignant story telling, heavily influenced perhaps by his / their heroes. Some might say this is almost a kind of tribute band stylistically – but the compositions are all original, and who’s to say where “influenced” ends and plagiarising begins. Thesong-set is certainly wistful in tone, the songs soak you in a nostalgic vibe, but I thoroughly enjoyed it. If you like either The Strokes or KOL, you can’t go wrong with this!