February 18, 2022

Dutch Art rock band Lesoir made a virtue of necessity in the quiet but turbulent lockdown period and in 2020 started working on something that would then become an ‘interim project’ for the band. Recorded at various locations in South Limburg (NL), the resulting 20-minute and 20-second epic grew into a full-fledged addition to the band’s already existing repertoire, which is out now.


Maartje Meessen – Vocals / Piano / Flute
Eleën Bartholomeus – Guitar / Synth / Backing Vocals
Ingo Dassen – Guitar / Beats programming
Bob Van Heumen – Drums / Percussion / Backing Vocals
Ingo Jetten – Bass / Pedalsteel Guitar / Backing Vocals

Under the name Babel, Lesoir presents its first epic, a 20 minutes and 20 seconds journey on which the band shows itself from its most melodic side, deepening the sound of their previous album Mosaic and mastering their creativity.

Ahead of the short film release of ‘Babel’ – Lesoir have released a live video of the band performing the soundtrack live at the  Open Air Theatre Valkenburg – watch below!

BABEL (LIVE) was a one-time only performance, together with friends Ferry ‘Punto’ Duijsens, Janneke Meessen, Eurasia Quartet, Ramon Reijnders, Camila Cipoletta.

Valkenburg aan de Geul 26 augustus 2021 Openluchttheater LESOIR Foto: Harry Heuts

Babel sketches the experience of the disaster year 2020, in which nature takes back what has been taken from her through pandemics, forest fires and floods. Using the story of the Tower of Babel as a metaphor, a powerful epic emerges from a fragile song, after which the atmosphere changes and escalates into a musical explosion.

Ingo Dassen of Lesoir says this about the release:
“After our 5th full-length album Mosaic was received internationally with great acclaim, the global pandemic threw a spanner in the works of our live shows. But the creativity and motivation to be ready when we were and also to keep challenging ourselves creatively even in times when everything went against us was so strong that we just retreated in the height of the global crisis to see if we could make a whole out of all the little musical ideas in my and Maartje’s heads. No expectations, just being together in our bubble for a week, not worrying about the rest of the world but focusing completely on ourselves. I think that is what Babel radiates. Yes the world is on fire, but for us 2020 was also a year of joy, new life, a re-evaluation of what is really important in our lives. And we wanted to capture this personal, emotional and sometimes all-consuming year. For later, for us and for you.”

Lesoir’s creation will be released on vinyl, handmade and limited to only 250 pcs. Each piece is numbered and on request signed by the band.


Guitar, bass & string recordings by Jamshid Mahmoudy

Vocal & drum recordings by Ingo Jetten

Produced & mixed by Lesoir & John Cornfield

Mastering by Steve Kitch