February 24, 2023

Regular readers of these pages already know that the year 2022 has marked the twentieth anniversary of Märvel, those crazy people from Linköping, Sweden!

Among other celebrations, we have featured reviews and interviews relating to the band’s history album by album, courtesy of several complete nutters – and lots of hard work by our Spanish compadres at RockAndRollArmy.com. notably Daniel Fromhell!

The celebrations have included their very own two day festival “Märvelfest”, a tour of Spain, and now culminate in the release of this double album compilation Double Decade. Packed with Märvel’s patented take on high-octane and super catchy rock’n’roll, the album contains the best and the rarest tracks released during the band’s 20+ year long career, all newly mastered by Magnus Lindberg (The Hellacopters, Imperial State Electric, Cult Of Luna, The Datsuns, Tribulation, Lucifer). The compilation also includes two brand new, previously unreleased songs, mixed by Robert Pehrsson (Dundertåget, Death Breath, Robert Pehrsson’s Humbucker).

Märvel was formed in 2002 when John Steen (The King), Ulrik Bostedt (Speedo) and Tony Samuelsson (The Vicar) spent a high school exchange year in Colorado, USA. Ditching classes, drinking beer and playing rock n roll in the garage gave the world Marvellous, their first EP. The band got airtime on several college radio stations before they left the USA and returned to Sweden with lousy grades, but high spirits….and the rest is history!

the three amigos!

The vinyl version is available in two different sets of colours, one containing two transparent clear vinyls, and the other containing one transparent orange and one transparent purple vinyl. Both versions come in a luxurious gatefold with a very special, exclusive booklet containing contributions from the presidents of the different international divisions of the Märvel Army. The album is also available on all streaming platforms. Join Märvel, and the party, as they celebrate a double decade of rock!

Double Decade features no less than 23 remastered songs that cover the best of these 20 years of high energy rock’n’roll: Greatest hits from their albums; tracks from singles that are very difficult to find in physical format; and two unpublished tracks from the recording sessions for their April 2022 latest album, Graces Came With Malice, again mixed by Robert Pehrsson.

Such a number of songs goes a long way, but… as is always the way with compilations, more songs could always have been included. For example, with Märvel’s amazing ability to turn other artists’ songs into their own, some of their more powerful covers are missing (the awesome L.O.V.E. Machine by W.A.S.P., or Come In Out Of The Rain by Parliament…shame!). However we can enjoy the version of The Devil Stole The Beat From The Lord from the Hellacopters tribute “Payin’ Our Dues”. But leaving aside the opinions on whether one topic or another may be missing, what is clear is that there is nothing left over here.

In addition to the essentials from the Märvel catalogue such as The Hills Have Eyes or Danish Rush, we have songs from their first EPs (when they saved the world under the secret personalities of Vocalo, Animalizer and The Ambassador); the aforementioned unpublished two tracks: Motherfucker from the single shared with The Chuck Norris Experiment; Ambassador Of Fantastic (B-side of the single Metalhead) or the big-hitting single A Phyrric Victory.

Here’s a message from the band: “Double decade is the shining crown on top of our 20 year anniversary celebration! Its two action packed albums filled to the brim with our most loved songs as well as a bunch of rare gems – previously very hard to get tracks. The album is a great testament to our fans who have continued to support us through the years. Double Decade is a labor of love and weve put a lot of energy into making it a very special item. The vinyl release includes a fine booklet with personal stories directly from our Märvel Army presidents as well as the founding father of the Märvel Army. BUT! Were not only bringing old remnants to the table as youll also get to enjoy two brand new tracks – Catch 22 and Turn the page. Long live rock & roll!

Double Decade – an unbeatable opportunity to immerse yourself in the Märvel universe and enjoy the talent, effort and musical evolution of a band that has been at the foot of the canyon for two decades, without giving up, forging musical jewels. Some masked guys who have spent 20 years creating their own style and who have earned their nickname as the Barons of High Energy Rock’N’Roll. Here’s to waiting for the quadruple compilation in another 20 years!

This unique release is available here: https://marveltheband.bandcamp.com/album/double-decade

one of the two previously unreleased tracks from Graces Came With Malice