October 31, 2021

Last Friday, The Drippers launched “Overload”, the second single leading up to the Swedish action rock-trio’s upcoming second album “Scandinavian Thunder”. High octane, Scandinavian garage rock with dual vocals and dirty riffing. “Scandinavian Thunder” is the follow up to the band’s 2019 debut album “Action Rock”.

Swedish action rock outfit The Drippers will release their second full-length studio album “Scandinavian Thunder” during the winter of 2021. Following the success of their praised debut album “Action Rock” from 2019, the Gothenburg power trio returns with an album that’s more furious and action-packed than ever before. With all knobs turned to eleven, the band delivers an uncompromising discharge of raw power. An intense dual vocal attack with screaming guitars, thunderous bass and hammering drums.

“Scandinavian Thunder” contains 11 tracks of high energy rock n’ roll. The band has once again teamed up with Tomas Skogsberg, who recorded and mixed the album in the legendary Sunlight Studio in Stockholm, Sweden. Tomas is the operator behind classic recordings from The Hellacopters, Gluecifer, Entombed and Backyard Babies, to name a few.

The Drippers
Viktor Skatt – Vocals/Bass
William Dickborn – Vocals/Guitar
Niclas Kristoferson – Drums

Viktor, bass player and vocalist of The Drippers, comments:

“Scandinavian Thunder is the ultimate record that we wanted to make, we wanted to push everything to the max. The idea was to make the punky filth blend with the authoritarian power of hard rock, all with a straightforward Rock n’ Roll drive. The songs are kinda catchy and structured, we set it up to be a controlled chaos”.

“With the state of the world, we had so much frustration to channel and it gave us that extra spark. The screams on the album are from the bottom of our souls. Tomas Skogsberg stepped up into another level of producing on this one, he really took on the George Martin role and was super involved in every detail. He would push us until our fingers and vocal chords were bleeding, and in the end it paid off. Get ready for some Scandinavian Thunder!”

The Drippers biography The spirit of high energy Rock’N’Roll is reborn in The Drippers. Fusing the 90’s wave of Scandinavian rock like Gluecifer, The Hellacopters and Turbonegro with the raw sound of classic bands like The Stooges, MC5 and Radio Birdman. Whether you wanna call The Drippers Garage or Action rock, one thing is sure: The band turns all dials to eleven. Screaming guitars, alcohol fueled sing along choruses and raw fucking energy is the pure essence of the band. Welcome to new wave of Swedish Action Rock.

The Drippers has gained a reputation of being an explosive live band in a classic genre that’s coming back to life. In 2018 the band released their debut EP “Motherfuckers Be Drippin'”. The EP was mixed by Tomas Skogsberg in Sunlight Studio, and distributed through Sound Pollution. The track Solitary Speaking was included in the “A Fistful More Of Rock And Roll” compilation released by Sal Canzonieri of Electric Frankenstein. The track was also released as a music video.

The band has become a popular live act, sharing the bill with bands like Turbonegro, Supersuckers, Hank Von Hell, The Dwarves, The Baboon Show, Mustasch, Robert Pehrsson’s Humbucker, Honningbarna, Scumbag Millionaire, Deadheads, Hard Action, Märvel, Night etc.

The Dripper’s debut album Action Rock was recorded in Sunlight Studio and produced by legendary Tomas Skogsberg (who during the 90’s took The Hellacopters, Gluecifer, Backyard Babies, Entombed under his wings). The result is an eleven track testimonial that lead to a record deal with The Sign Records.  The main single, “Gimme The Shakes”, quickly became a sensation in the Action Rock community as the music video was released, it showed a band that was hungrier than ever and ready to take on the world.

The album was released on the 2nd of August 2019 to great critical acclaim with at thundering release party at Weltturbojugendtage in Hamburg. Reviews have been outstanding and by the time of release, several distributors had already sold out their batch of records. Hellion Records in Brazil quickly bought a license to release the album to the South American market. The band also did a UK tour with The Hip Priests in November 2019, before landing big opening slots for acts like Hank Von Hell and Monster Magnet.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic all touring was cancelled, but the band instead wrote and recorded their second album Scandinavian Thunder. The album was once again produced, recorded and mixed by Tomas Skogsberg in Sunlight Studio.  The album channels all the frustration and desillusion that was built up while society was put on hold. The menacing riffs and shitty sound is backed up by strong songwriting and catchy hooks. The band is now ready to release this lightning in a bottle upon the world.  Get ready for some Scandinavian Thunder.

 “Scandinavian Thunder” is distributed by:
 Cargo – Germany, Switzerland and Austria
 MVD – North America, Japan, New Zeeland and Australia
 Plastic Head – UK & Eire
 Border – Sweden, Norway
 Supersounds – Finland
 Soundworks – France
 Mystic – Poland, Czech Rep, Slovakia and Slovenia
 Audioglobe – Italy
 Musicworld – Hungary
 Wizard – Bulgaria
 Suburban – Holland & Belgium
 Karonte – Spain & Portugal

Format: CD, Vinyl, Digital