November 3, 2021


FFO – Anathema, White Moth Black Butterfly, Porcupine Tree

The Paradox Twin released their sophomore opus ‘Silence From Signals’ via White Star Records in October. The band’s ability to tell emotive, topical, and personal stories through song-writing has become one of their strengths that sees them rising quickly to the forefront of progressive rock music.

The band have now announced a special hometown album launch show where they will perform the entirety of the album, also featuring special guest supports John Mitchell and label mates Quantum Pig.  The gig will take place on Friday February 4th 2022, and tickets can be bought HERE.

The Paradox Twin is 
Danny Sorrell
Diane Fox
Nicole Johnson
Leland Freeman
Graham Brown

Danny says this about the show
“We’ve been stunned by the amazing reactions to our Silence from Signals album and our recent live shows, so we thought we’d do a one off event to celebrate. We wanted to make it special so we came up with the idea of playing the whole album through from start to finish with a few other songs from our first album.  Having Quantum Pig perform an acoustic set will be a great addition to the night and when John Mitchell said he’d like to do a special appearance and play an acoustic set as well, we were honoured! The fact that the venue is also in the town where most of the band and John come from means this promises to be a very special occasion and we can’t wait to play this new material for fans old and new. Join us as we bring the album concept to life on stage”



“From a difficult subject and an unusual inspiration, comes what is a really outstanding album. In a packed marketplace, this is one album I’m glad didn’t pass me by. Packed with slow burning intensity, imaginative writing and played with a genuine passion, Danny Sorrell has a classic on his hands.”
– At The Barrier

“There are some days where a certain album will simply have me in tears.  I can’t help it.  And there are days where I don’t think any sort of music could do that to me, but some do unexpectedly.  This would be the case for The Paradox Twin’s sophomore release, Silence from Signals.  This album is a beautiful and mature work of art.”
– The Prog Mind

“I can picture Steven Wilson covering this!…A Major new force”
-Velvet Thunder

“This is an accomplished, consummate album of quality songwriting and performance.”
– Spirit Rocks

Thematically, The Paradox Twin’s new album ‘Silence From Signals’ takes its cues from Danny’s personal life experiences. Around the same time of the debut album release and the same time his new son was born, Danny’s eldest was diagnosed with autism. The collision of both positive and negative feelings sparked a train of thought that then became a story told through music and lyrics. Silence From Signals is a tale of two twin siblings (a neurotypical sister and a neurodivergent brother), and the trials and tribulations they go through trying to navigate the brothers’ struggles through life.

Singer-songwriter Danny Sorrell said this about writing Silence From Signals – “I wanted to do something a bit different on the album, making people aware of something they have probably heard of but don’t know much about, by creating some powerful music and lyrics that will hopefully move people emotionally”.

Armed with a dual vocal approach this time around, the juxtaposition of Danny and Nicole’s vocals bring to life what is certain to be an important album for years to come. 

The quintet’s new direction is not too dissimilar of bands like Anathema and White Moth Black Butterfly, who successfully combine both male and female vocals to emotive and celestial effect. 

Danny spoke previously about the comeback single and their new format of having two vocalists at the forefront of The Paradox Twin

‘It was wonderful to be able to duet with Nicole on this song as she certainly brought the emotion in to it that I was looking for. We’ve been itching to get the new music out but have had so many delays due to what has been happening in the world over the last 18 months; however, we are pleased with what we have achieved despite the barriers we have had to overcome. The strength of the band we have now, combined with the mixing talents of John Mitchell and the video skills of Miles Skarin have hopefully come together to produce something that fans both old and new will find special’  

Silence From Signals’ is be available digitally and on digipak via White Star Records now