July 29, 2022

I should warn you at the outset that these guys are utterly bonkers! Powerhill are a decent enough Swiss rock band that sound like lots of other classic rock bands like Anchor Lane, Collateral, Bad Touch, Twister etc – but with an added ingredient – cows! The brainchild of guitar player Cep, Powerhill blend rock with farm animals….the saga having begun in the year 2000 in a small dark and dirty corner of a cold stable located in a small Swiss Town called Taverne. No religious undertones then! Cep came up with the concept of “Farm Metal”, i.e. a blend of classic hard rock, hair Metal, Sleaze Rock, but in a style that Cep charmingly calls “peasant”!

In May 2004 the band recorded a 5-track demo CD, and later, after some changes in the line-up, they created their “Metal-Cow” logo and mascot, Clotilde the cow who makes an eye-catching appearance at all their live shows (milking the audience, perhaps?!)

In June 2006 the single “New Dimension” was included in the “Heavy Metal Nation III” compilation, before unforeseen personal circumstances led to a hiatus for no less than ten years. 2018 saw the band rejuvenated and re-launched, producing some hilarious live performances. more singles were released over the next two years before these were all pulled together on this EP (Bunnies and Eggs). Appropriately enough, it was first released in Switzerland on April 1,2022.

It’s fair to say their live shows are a combination of decent hard rock, good humour and downright crazy slapstick mayhem with Clotilde featuring centre stage – think Pink Floyd’s famous flying pig! A flavour of the full loopiness can seen on their facebook page at , https://www.facebook.com/Powerhill.ch

The Powerhill Line-up:
Vocalist (The Pannier Holder): Leandro Giacometti
Guitar Player (The Tractor / Plow Driver) Cep
Bass Guitar Player (The Raking Man): Giorgio Albisetti
Keyboard Player (The Hay Stacker): Danilo Foresti
Drummer & Backing Vocals (The Grain Grinder): Veronica Torre

But back to the Rocking Peasant music! Five tracks are included here, kicking off with Bunnies & Eggs, which praises and teaches how to celebrate Easter – how to scoff your choccy bunny…. Actually this is not the strongest track on here, sounds a bit like an out-take from a rock musical, but gives a flavour of what’s to come. We Step Aside ups the ante considerably, classic euro-rock that builds well with a nicely solid sound akin to Toto, Kansas etc. Covid-20 (Pandemic on the Farm) is next, more euro-rock with a dark take on the problems of Lockdown on the farm. Its a good ‘chugger’ though. We Want New Emotions is another strong track that will be great live. The EP closes with You`re Hated…perhaps the most unusual intro I’ve ever heard!! The blend of power chord…and donkey!… certainly works for me!

Okay, this record doesn’t cause the musical world to tilt on its axis, but its decent enough, and the point is these guys are doing their best to hugely entertain in their live shows. The musicianship is fine even if the arrangements are stereotypical of many more – but hey! Enjoy!