January 16, 2021

Hot Breath are another hard-hitting foursome from Gothenburg, Sweden, maintaining the tradition from those parts for steaming Garage Rock / Power Pop. Straight-forward rock’n’roll without too many frills, but with a powerful woman lead singer who reminds me of Girlschool, Ellen Foley, Joan Jett and the Runaways, Pat Benatar…..you get the picture!

The band is led by Jennifer Israelsson on vocals and guitar (she previously fronted Honeymoon Disease; aided and abetted by Karl Edfeldt (previously guitarist with Grande) and a brilliant rhythm section in Jimi Karlsson (ex Honeymoon Disease) and Anton Frick Kallmin (Hypnos). The band was only formed in October 2018, with all four band members wanting to mix their various pasts into one vibrating punchy sound, it’s safe to say they’re succeeded!


Their sole previous studio effort was a six-track EP released in late 2019 that was well received, it blended classic rock with pure attitude, cocky vocals fronting slabs of express train punk-ish riffs and a powerhouse rhythm section. The adrenaline count was consistently high, always seeking more Miles Per Hour (see the aforementioned Ellen Foley!).

On the strength of that EP and the subsequent Scandanavian tour, Hot Breath’s lead singer Jennifer Israelsson was the winner of the 2020 Stämskruven Memorial Award which was founded and dedicated to the memory of Robert “Strängen” Dahlqvist (The Hellacopters, Dundertåget, Thunder Express).


The band are now due to release their debut full length album Rubbery Lips in March/April time. With a foundation built on their previous sound, full of dirty riffing, strong vocals, memorable hooks, and a no-nonsense attitude, the new album contains 10 tracks of energetic and catchy garage rock ’n’ roll. Subtle it ain’t and don’t expect cutting-edge musical innovations – but it’s still great quality, really enjoyable and exhilarating – the video says it all!

“Rubbery Lips” is recorded and mixed by Mattias Nyberg (The Soundtrack Of Our Lives, The Datsuns). The cover artwork is made by Anders Muammar. The album will be released on The Sign Records on April 9, 2021, on digital, vinyl, and CD format.


Hot Breath:
Jennifer Israelsson – Vocals and Guitar
Anton Frick Kallmin – Bas
Jimmy Karlsson – Drums
Karl Edfeldt – Guitar


The album opens with Right Time, and you immediately get that sense of Girlschool “Good Time” rock’n’roll, it’s addictive toe-tapping stuff (and the rest!), the only slight oddity being that over headphones, Jennifer’s vocals seem slightly in the background of the mix? -it’s less obvious through main speakers – curious!

The same thing seems to happen in the second track Magnetic, both the vocals and lead guitar are at the back of the room while the main riff/rhythm is right up there. It’s only a small thing, but it’s a shame that the very tasty guitar work halfway through isn’t more to the fore. Ho hum…

Track three is Last Barang – this could mean either a region of Sweden, a Philippino word for foreigner, Khmer slong for the French…take your pick! but its a decent, pacy rocker. Next up is What You’re Looking For I’ve Already Found, quite strongly reminiscent of The Damned doing New Rose. This track does nicely capture the essence of Hot Breath, a three-chord basic structure with a nice clean sound. Who’s The One brings the beat down just a little, a more reflective, almost bluesy tune. A nice touch of retro, almost wah-wah pedal works well, gives this one that bit of variety.

The next four tracks are all quite similar, a little derivative and they do tend to merge into each other pace-wise. But I will repeat, they are good fun, there’s more than a few very decent Swedish bands out there at the moment who all come across as humorous sorts, having great fun and simply enjoying being able to play decent rock’n’roll – I’m very jealous! I also bet this lot in particular are great fun to see live! The last track Bad Feeling captures that essence of enjoying what they’re doing, it’s just over three minutes of bouncy, energetic, let your hair down boogie!

Through the wonders of The Official Video, you too can join in the fun!