October 20, 2021

Before launching their new album titled ‘I Dreamed of Electric Sheep’/’Ho Sognato Pecore Elettriche’ on 22 October 2021, Premiata Forneria Marconi (aka PFM) – one the most influential and respected Italian rock bands in the world – are happy to present the second single off of said album today.

“Worlds Beyond”/”Mondi Paralleli” is one of three instrumental tracks on the album, and it marks the album’s fulminant opening track.

You can now listen to the new song “Worlds Beyond”/”Mondi Paralleli” below:

Also check out the track by track video for “Worlds Beyond”/”Mondi Paralleli”  below, as part of an upcoming track by track series which the band filmed specifically to provide some in-depth background info for each track on the album: 


I Dreamed of Electric Sheep’/’Ho Sognato Pecore Lettriche‘ will be available as a limited edition 2CD Digipak in O-Card with special artwork; a Gatefold black 2LP+2CD and special LP-booklet; or a Digital double-album. You can pre-order the album here now: https://premiataforneriamarconi.lnk.to/IDreamedOfElectricSheep

And here’s the track listing for both versions of the album: 

PFM (Premiata Forneria Marconi) 

“I Dreamed of Electric Sheep”:


1.         Worlds Beyond (English version)                        (03:19)

2.         Adrenaline Oasis (English version)                     (04:53)

3.         Let Go (English version)                                    (04:06)

4.         City Life (English version)                                  (05:01)

5.         If I Had Wings (English version)                         (04:23)

6.         Electric Sheep (English version)                         (04:09)

7.         Daily Heroes (English version)                           (03:48)

8.         Kindred Souls (English version)                         (06:19)

9.         Transhumance (English version)                        (01:07)

10.       Transhumance Jam (English version)                 (03:39)

“Ho Sognato Pecore Elettriche”


1.         Mondi Paralleli (Italian version)                          (03:19)

2.         Umani Alieni (Italian version)                              (04:53)

3.         Ombre Amiche (Italian version)                          (04:06)

4.         La Grande Corsa (Italian version)                       (05:01)

5.         AtmoSpace (Italian version)                               (04:23)

6.         Pecore Elettriche (Italian version)                       (04:09)

7.         Mr. Non Lo So (Italian version)                           (03:48)

8.         Il Respiro Del Tempo (Italian version)                 (06:19)

9.         Transumanza (Italian version)                            (01:07)

10.       Transumanza Jam (Italian version)                     (03:39) 

PFM is a very eclectic and exuberant musical group with a distinctive style that impressively combines rock, progressive, and classical music into one mesmerizing sonic entity. Formed in 1971, the band quickly gained a prominent place on the international scene by making it to the Billboard charts (for 1973’s ‘Photos Of Ghosts’), and winning a Gold record in Japan while constantly ruling the charts in their home country until today.

PFM were honored as #50 in the “UK Classic Rock Hall of Fame” of the 100 most important artists in the world. In 2017, PFM released the album ‘Emotional Tattoos’, their first with InsideOutMusic.