April 4, 2021


Tallah trick fans with Disney Covers EP featuring hit songs from the Aladdin soundtrack!

Listen to Friend Like Me Now! Full Talladdin EP exclusively available to Tallah Patrons.

Pennsylvanian Nu-core outfit Tallah have surprised fans with an unexpected announcement. In light of April Fools Day – Tallah told their fans that they were henceforth to be known as Talladdin – and premiered their rendition of ‘Friend Like Me’  – the first release under their new ‘Disney Cover Band’ moniker.


Although Tallah aren’t actually transitioning into cover band territory, the Talladdin EP is in fact very real and the band have announced that the full EP featuring 5 songs from the Aladdin soundtrack will be exclusively available to Tallah’s Patrons. They did mess with their fans though by posting THIS VIDEO first.

The EP will be made available to everybody in the ‘The Sad’ tier ($10 or more a month).

Nu-Core is the genre on the tip of everyone’s tongue right now, and Pennsylvanian outfit Tallah have been leading the charge with their disturbing cacophony displayed across their debut album ‘Matriphagy’ . Fronted by Justin Bonitz, whose versatile and unhinged vocal stylings have attracted the attention of the masses, and backed by second generation drummer Max Portnoy, the two musicians have combined their musical and artistic influences to create both music and a community that are receptive to unusual approaches.


Justin has acknowledged his love for Disney Villains in a previous interview with Loudwire, and that is why this side EP (joke or not joke) is such a perfect opportunity to display Justin’s vocal versatility and personality.

“Max loves Aladdin, and Justin is a walking, breathing, Disney villain, so, we thought, ‘Nothing would be more perfect than to cover the entire soundtrack to Aladdin and release it for fun on April Fool’s Day.’ The entire thing was already basically in drop A tuning, so, all we had to do was add some chugs, China cymbal, squealies, and screams. Voila! Talladdin.”

Support Tallah on Patreon and get the full 5 track Talladdin EP coming soon: https://patreon.com/wethesad​ (The Sad tiers and above!) The remaining tracks from the Talladdin EP will be released to ‘The Sad’ Patrons in the coming weeks. 

Talladdin EP tracklist:
-Arabian Nights
-One Jump Ahead
-Friend Like Me
-Prince Ali
-A Whole New World

Max Portnoy had this to say about the release

“This is the single most important release of our entire career. Everyone has been waiting at the edge of their seats for the past 15 years going “Where is that Aladdin remix Tallah promised us?”. Well here it is. I hope it lives up to the immeasurable expectations you people have of it.”