July 14, 2021

Japan’s biggest metal export to come along in years, CRYSTAL LAKE, is paying their respects to music’s fallen heroes with a pulverizing new single titled Curse today with SharpTone Records. The track is available now for streaming and the official video can be viewed below.

Commenting on the single, vocalist Ryo states: “Curse is about the legacies that legends in the music industry who passed away. They fought for music. They still make us dream to this day. I’m always grateful to them so I wanted to pay homage.”

Check out the video below and stream Curse.

Formed nearly two decades ago, CRYSTAL LAKE has become one of Japan’s most prolific and revered heavy bands with 5 critically acclaimed albums, including 2016’s groundbreaking record True North and 2019’s  breakout release Helix. In recent years, the band has performed sold out shows throughout North America and Europe and their notoriety has spread around the globe, catapulting them to the forefront of the modern metalcore scene. As anticipation builds for their next full-length, the band’s new single Curse sets the stage for total, worldwide domination.

YD – Guitar
Ryo – Vocals
Hisatsugu Taji – Guitar
Gaku – Drums
Mitsuru – Bass