February 15, 2020

Formed in Denmark in 1984, D-A-D (Originally Disneyland After Dark) now release their 12th album in a career that has seen then consistently produce high quality rock albums full of energy and all with genuine boogie danceability about them. What is remarkable is that they have pretty much kept the same personnel in all that time with the drummer Peter Lundholm Jensen leaving in 1999 so Jesper Binzer (lead vocals and guitar), Jacon Binzer (guitar and Stig Pedersen (bass and backing vocals) have been ever presents with the ‘new’ drummer Laust Sonne coming into the band in 1999.

This stability has helped them maintain their form and ensure that quality standards are kept at such a high level. It has been 9-years since their last album and so A Prayer For The Loud is well overdue but the wait has definitely been worth it as the band is back with a great selection of songs and they play these with an eagerness and passion that belies the years. They can switch from up-tempo rockers to brooding and emotion filled ballads so easily because they have the craft and guile of masters who know their trade inside out. Everything is done to ensure maximum effect but their watchwords seem to be controlled restraint whilst ensuring maximum groove. Jesper Binzer has that classic cigarettes and alcohol drawl that suits the particular version of hard rock that they revel in, as sort of Aerosmith meets the Rolling Stones and all designed to produce infectious rock that continually draws you into their world.

A Prayer For The Loud has been a long time coming but the quality displayed on this album shows that it is not time that has been wasted, this is a most welcome back from a band that has been away for far too long.