March 20, 2021

Exist Immortal is a London band starting to make quite a name for themselves due to their very intense hard hitting sound which is an intriguing mixture of alt-rock and prog metal and there is just a touch of Evergrey about their sound and delivery.

They have several albums behind them and now are in the middle of releasing a set of three EPs with Act II: Gold, obviously, being part 2 which features four song of pleasing alt-rock with pleasing riffs and gorgeous vocal arrangements with plenty of hooks to draw you in. The music is multi-layered with so much happening yet there is also a pleasing commerciality to their music that will surely help develop their audience further.

I haven’t heard any of their other albums with there is enough here to more than pique your interest, particularly last track The Cure which is fast and furious with some great guitar. Exist Immortal is a band definitely worthy of further investigation.

Act II: Gold EP track list

  1. Come Alive (4:02)
  2. Atmosphere (3:09)
  3. Gold (4:16)
  4. The Cure (5:07)

Line Up:

Meyrick De La Fuente – Vocals
Mikey Gee – Guitar
Charlie Bines – Drums
Kurt Valencia – Guitars
David Billote – Bass