March 10, 2021

FFO: Ghostemane, Sleep Token, Gost 

Mvsic2mvrder2 – or m2m2 to the initiated! – was born out of the urge to do something off key. They are definitely different, combining dark hardcore, what they describe as “occult guitar licks”, dense Metal sludge backgrounds with ethereal floating vocals, they’re certainly not for everyone! M2m2 originate from the darksynth movement in Belgium, and if you can imagine a blend of doomy monosyllabic hardcore with Rammstein with Kraftwerk, that kinda gives a flavour?

The band were tired of what they saw as the same old, same old, so they came up with a combination of black metal riffs and gabber/hardcore beats to create what is now their signature sound. Ritual Industrialist metal is the tag they’ve adopted, and the new EP BlakGod is a true testament to this sound. Haunting and intense, pulverising, with ritual/chant-like harmonised vocals give the already ominous sounding music an even more doom-laden, hypnotic vibe. There are four tracks on this EP, all exploring the culture and meaning behind ritualistic behaviours. The self-styled yet anonymous “BlakGod” takes you on a dark journey…

the Man Himself?….

First track is Kvltleader, a mind-numbing slab of ritual industrial hardcore/sludge/metal that sets the tone for the rest of the EP. It’s deliberately and provocatively doomy and intimidating, this guy gets off on unsettling you! This is perhaps the most base-ic, grinding riffmonster of the set, mono-tonic and seemingly devoid of hope…it serves as an insight into the mind of the BlakGod….The only problem is that the key recurring vocal phrase sounds so much like Arnie doing his terminator thang! 

Next is Coffinwhispers, upping the ante pace-wise, closer to pure hardcore perhaps, descending into hellish Gregorian chants by way of a light-hearted bridge section before reverting to a hammerblow of a riff.

Fallsilent is different. M2M2 had released earlier singles Deximation and Mvrdermovth, which featured fast guitar work that have paved the way for a more groove oriented low tuned riff sequence here. Still backed by the heavy sounding hardcore kicks, the result is a mix of almost head nodding choruses and fast gabber/hardcore verses spiced up with energising build-ups and heavy breakdowns. Lyrics are montonic one-liners with repetitive slurs, the BlakGod’s preferred lyrical style. 

The final track is BLöD. BLöD is a reference to the coming of Chernobog (Slavic for the The Black God). Among Slavic people, there is a weird belief kept in their drinking fests and feasts. They simultaneously bless and curse, under the names of their Gods, in the name of The Good One and The Evil One respectively, saying that good things come from the Good God and evil comes from The Evil One. In their language they call the evil God ”Chernobog”, or ” Black God”. The track is suitably light and chirpy….fooled you!, no it’s back to, dare I say, the monotonic and monotonous tone of the first two tracks.

So there you have it – all human life is here…..but dominated and demonised by the Black God! As I say, this is extremely stylised, you will either love it or….watch out for the Bad Guy!