Lövely Records – Honor Roll of Hits (4-way compilation)

Now then, this is an unusual, interesting and potentially ground-breaking release! Swedish independent label Lövely Records proudly presents 'Honor Roll of Hits’, a four-way vinyl split set that comes out on 8 March 2024. It's quite special, the record company having collaborated with four of the bands signed to their label as representing the label's..

We Are Sovereign – The Interview

In what seem to be ever stranger and darker times, We Are Sovereign are a band with a simple mission: To reach out to people, asking them to believe in themselves as human beings, to find your resilience, stay focussed to whatever your dream might be, not to quit but to support each and every..

Birds In Row release two new singles – ‘Noah’ and ‘Cathedrals’

WATCH THE STUDIO SESSION NOW  FORTHCOMING ALBUM GRIS KLEIN / OUT OCTOBER 14 VIA RED CREEK RECORDINGS  French experimental punk / hardcore band Birds In Row have released two new singles today. "'Noah' / 'Cathedrals' is a diptych," the band explains. "'Noah', speaks about the seeking of truth and reality, in a collapsing world, and how answering philosophical questions by economical answers is..

Amalia Bloom – Picturesque (Engineer Records)

Amalia Bloom is five friends with their feet firmly planted in their hometown Vicenza, Italy, and their heads turned overseas towards the US/UK scenes of the 90s and 00s (with broken hearts in between). This all means their music results in a peculiar mix of punk rock, hardcore and emo through which they search for..

m2 m2 – BlakGod EP

FFO: Ghostemane, Sleep Token, Gost  Mvsic2mvrder2 - or m2m2 to the initiated! - was born out of the urge to do something off key. They are definitely different, combining dark hardcore, what they describe as "occult guitar licks", dense Metal sludge backgrounds with ethereal floating vocals, they're certainly not for everyone! M2m2 originate from the..