September 11, 2022
Marc Canham

Not a name I have come across before, but Mark Canham is an acclaimed soundtrack/film score producer having written music for games, TV and movies particularly the scores (among others) for The Disappearance of Alice Creed starring Gemma Arterton, I Care A Lot with the delightful Rosamund Pike and Channel 4’s Deceit starring Niamh Algar and he actually won an ASCAP Screen Music Award I Care A Lot so this guy is a talented musician indeed.

DuoTone is a multi-instrumentalist, composer and Cellist aka Barney Morse-Brown and he too is making a name for himself as a session artist and TV composer and the two musicians have combined their talents perfectly to produce a serene, fluid and ever-changing work that ebbs and flows creating an upbeat but, paradoxically, melancholic work that is targeted at the soul as well as the brain.


The four tracks on the EP for 22-minutes of blissful contemplative music with just the right amount of concealed menace are all perfectly written and produced mini epics with the huge cinemascope feel that you expect from some slightly off-kilter sci-fi epic or portrayal of some odd dystopian future. The music is mysterious, dark and enigmatic with an ethereal and dramatic pulse driving the music forward like some slightly sinister fog that first appears as a few faint wisps before forming into a solid mass that ever so slowly suffocates you, delicious agony indeed. All four tracks are Cello led with the ethereal strings combining beautifully with the atmospheric keyboards to paint a truly delightful picture in your head.

This is a beautiful and reflective instrumental work with just a few minimalist words that are deep in the background with the accent very much on emotion giving a real edge to the music. Indeed, it is somewhat similar in concept to the eerie and disturbing music that Mogwai wrote for the very atmospheric French TV series The Returned. There really isn’t much around like this but if you know the works of Boards Of Canada then you will have some idea of the delicious and fragile beauty of this work.

Black Mass

  1. Parallel Worlds (4:32)
  2. Dive (4:47)
  3. I Know (6:24)
  4. Breathe (6:05)