August 5, 2023

Scandinavian post-rock giants SPURV have announced the release of new track ‘Som skyer’ via Germany’s Pelagic Records.

The penultimate single from ‘Brefjære‘, the band’s fourth full-length release due September 22nd; ‘Som skyer’ sees the band layer orchestral grandeur over a shimmering, glacial guitar refrain as thunderous drums push the five and half minute piece to ever greater heights.

Having recently moved to Tromsø, a remote northern province far above the Arctic Circle, principal songwriter Gustav Jørgen Pedersen took inspiration from the forces of nature he found himself surrounded by. Despite the overwhelming presence of the mountains and the unrelenting Arctic winds, Pedersen was struck by the resilience and sheer determination of life, from the birch trees outside his window to a single butterfly battling the breeze.

This delicate balance is perfectly captured in the sheer euphoria of ‘Som skyer’ and its accompanying video. SPURV take us soaring through the sky as the sun peers over the jagged Norwegian fjørds; finding the joy of life in even the most desolate places.

Brefjære‘ sees the band take their latent exploration of neo-classical composition even further. Throughout ‘Som skyer’, guitarist Herman Otterlei‘s celestial, spiralling motif is complemented by glockenspiels, a brass section and a 14-voice choir; adding further depth to the incredible dynamic sensitivity that SPURV have carved out over their decade at the forefront of international post-rock.

Gustav Jørden Petersen on ‘Som Skyer’:

“Som skyer is Spurv at its perhaps most ethereal. The song is about the wind that flies over the earth, rustles in the treetops, and plunges down over the mountain. It represents time and fleeting memories, words and ideas that are shared across generations. The song contains old melodies combined with new arrangements, and was finally realized as part of Brefjære after many years.”