March 14, 2021

Danish-Swedish quartet VOLA have dropped their new animated video for the brilliant new song 24 Light YearsThe track is taken from their upcoming album, Witness which is outon May 21st via Mascot Records.

Speaking about the release of the video, which was created by the bands bass player Nicolai Mogensen and Anne Nørkjær Bang, Mogensen explains “We are very excited to share the music video for 24 Light-Years with you. This song is one of my favourites from the forthcoming album, and it has been such a joy working on the track from a visual perspective. Anne and I have been making videos together for a while. We like to try out new techniques and explore different styles of drawing and animation. For this one, we went for a more digital, spacy, and fluent look and vibe. Anne has made the drawings for the video while I worked with the animation. We still consider ourselves novices in this field, but we put a lot of time and love into this little piece of work. We really hope that you enjoy it!”

VOLA wrote the songs for the new album after they returned from their successful 2019 headline tour across Europe. The tour had a string of sold-out shows along the way. It capped off an incredible two years, which had seen them also tour with Dream Theater, Anathema, Katatonia, Haken, Monuments, as well as show-stealing performances at Euroblast, Ramblin’ Man Fair, Radar Festival, Bloodstock, Damnation Fest, Tech Fest and more.

The album’s themes are entwined into both the cover art and the title as Mygind elaborates; “The cover art of the album largely inspired the title. To me, the image could either portray the close-up of an eye, or a zoomed-out image of something burning. In case of the eye, I imagine that it belongs to someone witnessing an event. Something huge and life changing. In case of burning, it is the viewer of the cover art who becomes the witness. Or maybe this burning is what the eye is looking at. No matter how I look at it, the concept of being a witness seems very present in the artwork.”

The album was produced by the band and it was mixed and mastered by the Grammy nominated Jacob Hansen(Volbeat, The Black Dahlia Murder, Amaranthe). Always evocative, VOLA glide along, barely a breath away from their subject matter, holding the listener close and silent as you observe the journey unfold. It’s their ability to create a cinematic aesthetic that allows you to be a detached observer, but also enveloped in the narrative, pulling you deeper within the rabbit hole, following the story further down into its veins. 

Witness track list

  1. Straight Lines
  2. 24 Light-Years
  3. These Black Claws (feat. SHAHMEN)
  4. Freak
  5. Napalm
  6. Future Bird
  7. Stone Leader Falling Down
  8.  Inside Your Fur
  9. Head Mounted Sideways

VOLA is:

Asger Mygind (vocals/guitar)

Martin Werner (keys)

Nicolai Mogensen (bass)

Adam Janzi (drums)