March 14, 2021

As I’m sure we are all aware Ronnie Atkins aka Paul Christensen is the vocalist with the hard rock band Pretty Maids, one of Denmark’s greatest ever exports! He has fronted the band since 1981 and has, finally, decided that the time is right for his first solo album after having no real inclination for such a project but has now reconsidered, no doubt, in part due to his recent very serious health issues and we wish him all the best. Leaving aside the health problems, the effective shutdown of live music has taken away the opportunity to tour and with no possibilities to promote Pretty Maids last album, Undress Your Madness, then Atkins had the time to invest in a solo album especially as he had a wealth of material already written or as works in progress. Atkins then brought in Pretty Maids keyboard player Chris Laney and between them they fleshed out the ideas into workable demos which then turned into this album once they had completed the magic by using the skills of an amazing team of remarkable and very well known musicians. As should be expected, the album is a hard and melodic rock album which is straight out of the Pretty Maids stable but how could it be anything else?

The tracks are a pleasing mix of smouldering rockers and epic power ballads which Atkins and his sublime voice bring to life in absolutely gorgeous fashion. In many respects, it’s a real pity that he has waited so long to lay down his own album as this is a perfectly crafted AOR record and he surely could have had a long and lucrative solo career to run parallel with that of the Pretty Maids but this is not what he wanted so we have to respect his decision. However, we do have this new work which is a valuable addition to the Pretty Maids family tree and an album that Ronnie Atkins and colleagues should be rightly proud of. The musicians involved all play their parts to the max with some stunning work especially the guitar solos which are just so smooth and emotional. The vocal harmonies are exceptional and give a real warmth and vibrancy to the songs which are immediately accessible and perfectly crafted. Over this, Atkins bears his soul with some very emotional songs that truly tear at the heart strings and then he cranks up the power so suited to his soaring vocals.

This is a consistently strong album that works perfectly throughout the 11 tracks and shows just how good a vocalist and song writer Atkins is and how vital he, his band and the contributors on this album are. One Shot is a first class melodic rock album from truly talented masters of the genre and an album that you will get so much pleasure from.

One Shot track list

  1. Real (3:58)
  2. Scorpio (4:34)
  3. One Shot (5:26)
  4. Subjugated (3:51)
  5. Frequency Of Love (3:19)
  6. Before The Rise Of An Empire (3:29)
  7. Miles Away (4:29)
  8. Picture Yourself (4:12)
  9. I Prophesize (3:30)
  10. One By One (3:45)
  11. When Dreams Are Not Enough (4:12)

Line Up:
Ronnie Atkins – lead and backing vocals
Chris Laney – rhythm guitars, keyboards and backing vocals
Allan Sørensen – drums
Morten Sandager – keyboards
Pontus Egberg – bass
Anders Ringman – acoustic guitars
Pontus Norgren, Kee Marcello, Oliver Hartmann, John Berg, Chris Laney – lead guitars/solos
Chris Laney, Linnea Vikström Egg, Olliver Hartmann, Björn Strid – additional backing vocals