May 20, 2023

US hard rockers Who On Earth have today issued a groundbreaking video for Watch The Fires Burn, a song that fuses metal, rock, prog, funk and Latin styles and is included in their recently released debut album, Blame which is available now to stream or on bandcamp.

Partnering with Alien AI Overlord, who has previously generated videos for songs by bands such as Iron Maiden and Led Zeppelin, the clip was created in its entirety by using artificial intelligence (AI) technology and utilising cutting-edge algorithms, demonstrating the potential for AI to play a major role in the art of the future.

As for the message behind the music, the song is about the continued destruction of the world’s natural resources and wonders, with the band especially keen to draw attention to the Amazon rainforest. One of the earth’s most important natural resources, it is under threat yet again as devastating fires rage across the region. Despite international outcry and efforts to prevent deforestation, valuable ecosystems and wildlife habitats continue to be destroyed on a daily basis, with the impact felt not only by local communities and wildlife, but also by the global climate as the Amazon plays a crucial role in regulating the Earth’s carbon cycle.

Commenting on this destructive and disturbing path, the band explain that “Watch The Fires Burn is a song that tells the story of just how dumb, greedy and selfish we are as humans with regards to how we’ve polluted the earth, while we continue to do very little to handle the climate change crisis.”

In the burgeoning realm of artificial intelligence and music, Alien AI Overlord is a figure that stands out. Known for his YouTube channel that melds heavy metal, hard rock and classic rock songs with AI-generated imagery, his unique approach to video creation provides an immersive experience that challenges audience to engage with not only the music, but also the world around them.

He crafted the evocative clip for Watch The Fires Burn by using the latest Text to Image AI tools, stating that “it was a lot of fun to make. The imagery in the song – conflict, overpopulation, pollution, a lack of environmental stewardship plus the fact that you Humans are just watching the fires burn – is all a poignant message and this old Alien enjoyed creating something that showcases this critically important issue. Watch and enjoy! WHO ON EARTH ROCKS!”

Coosh – vocals
Pete Rizzi – bass
Joe D’Aqui – drums
Bruce Gatewood – guitar
Johnny James Barone – guitar
Mike Orlando – studio guitarist on Blame

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