February 27, 2022

2Mums is a punk rock outfit from the south coast of New South Wales, Australia with this release being part one of what is a planned two part EP. This is dark, angry and aggressive punk rock with the band focusing on American style violence and ensuing breakdowns in the system with the tracks here relating to acts of aggression attributed to the military and in civilian life too but mainly it is ‘the uniform’ that is the issue and the perceived abuse by those wearing it that is the root cause of the bands anger. Short sharp songs delivered with a spitting vitriol and a fair amount of fuzz guitar make for a short and attention grabbing music and if you are looking for something new in punk then check out 2Mums; not an easy listen by any means but the point of punk was to be outside the system anyway.

Bushmaster – Side A

  1. Bushmaster/Crazy Horse (3:06)
  2. 8 Seconds Of Summer (0.44)
  3. Blinky Palermo (3:48)
  4. Policeman (3:06)