In The Whale – Vanishing Point (Riot Records)

In The Whale is an alt-rock band from Denver with Vanishing Point being the band's debut release which features 7-songs for just 26-minutes so it is more of an EP than a full length album but it is more than long enough to show a band that is comfortable in handling several styles with a..

Keith Cook – Rock & Roll Riot (Riot Records)

Keith Cook used to be the guitarist for the American punk band Debris and this is his second solo album which features a '70s sounding aggressive punk delivery from Cook with the songs being very short and rather angry. Some of the musicians backing Cook have featured in bands like Nirvana, The Stooges and Wayne/Jayne..

Human Failure – Urchin EP (Riot Records)

Human Nature is a hardcore rock band from Newcastle in Australia and it delivers short, sharps stabs of anger, pain and vitriol with a typical punk in your face attitude and all to a grinding, churning riff heavy hardcore backing. There are just the five tracks here with Urchin being the lead single but all..

Las Vegas based punk rock outfit Gob Patrol have unleashed their new EP ‘New Spit’, out now via Riot Records.

Gob Patrol are heavily inspired by the legendary '80s US punk scene highlighted by acts such as Black Flag, GBH, Minor Threat and The Germs they are angsty, rebellious, chaotic and 100% pure old school punk rock, just how we love it. New Spit features 5 furious and raging punk rock tracks including the recently released singles Anarchy and Sin City. Check out the..

King Bull – What Happened Here? EP (Riot Records)

King Bull is a Canadian power-trio from Alberta and has been around for something like 13 years although it seems that they have not always had the same name or even line-up, they are obviously then the musical equivalent to Trigger's broom (look this up on the internet if unsure of the reference). It appears..