August 7, 2020

So, you learn something new every day. I was and still am a big fan of the New Wave Of British Heavy Metal (or NWOBHM, as it was of course known), and often refer to this in reviews as it influenced so many bands and not just British too. In fact, I always found it amusing that Krokus were included under this umbrella but were, as we all know, Swiss! So, along comes this release from this fine German band and they advise that they are part of the ever growing NWOTHM movement which, of course, stands for the New Wave of Traditional Heavy Metal – and is therefore more encompassing than the parochial NWOBHM title, and I must remember to use it in future reviews. The band formed in Weilburg in 2014 and released a debut EP called Time Machine in 2015 with the full debut album, Genesis Reversed coming out in 2016.

It has taken four years for the second album to see the light of the day, and a cracking, traditional metal album it is too. It is, of course, very influenced by the NWOBHM movement and you can hear early Iron Maiden, Tokyo Blade, Tygers Of Pan Tang, Raven and Trespass in their sound. The band consists of Stecki on vocals and bass with twin guitarists Marvin Kiefer and Andi Heindle and Gereon Nicolay on drums. Stecki has a traditional English delivery and there is a touch of Paul Di’Anno about his tone, while the two guitarists work well together with their very clear, crisp and dynamic riffs and breaks. Not a long album by any means but it is 36 minutes of old school rock and is great fun, totally uncomplicated and quite brilliant. New Wave of Traditional Heavy Metal, you can’t beat it!

Track List:
Intro (0:57),
Gates Of Hell (4:24),
Forged With Evil (3:47),
Gravity Remains (4:07),
World In Chains (4:13),
Serial Killer (4:31),
Paradise Awaits (3:37),
Lust (4:46),
Forsaken Soul (3:49).