July 23, 2023

British metallers Skies Turn Black have announced the release of the brand new single The Skies Are Falling Down, ahead of the band’s planned set at Bloodstock Open Air in August.

Speaking about the track, the band had this to say: ‘The Skies Are Falling Down is our take on ’80s hair metal nostalgia. It has an infectious energy to the song that will have people singing along with a smile on their face. Lyrically, it’s about how our newest members Xander (keys, vocals) and Rob (drums) brought a breath of fresh air to our creative process, and how we might not have survived as a band without them.’

Skies Turn Black are a five-piece heavy metal band hailing from the North of England. Their sound incorporates a modern approach to classic British Heavy Metal, with the energy of Power Metal. Giant choruses, infectious melodies, and virtuosic solos (from both guitars and keytar), create a recipe for Metal that oozes passion and intricacy.

STB have always taken pride in having a diverse repertoire of music. The debut album: No Place Like Home showcases the magnitude of the band’s musicianship. The album has had glowing reviews all-around the world; praised for being ‘Some of 2018’s best guitar work’, by Metal Hammer magazine. From the soaring power metal highs of the title track, No Place Like Home, to the crushingly heavy, Pearly Gates, the thirteen- track debut truly has something for everyone.

This is aided by Jordan’s vocals, which have been praised for their diversity, sounding reminiscent of Axl Rose and Sebastian Bach on the ballad, Never Again, whilst also boasting a mean growling on the symphonic epic, Revolution. The band effortlessly embellish their style of metal with the sound of the orchestra, with Jordan’s parents – a flautist and clarinettist – being two of the first instruments heard on the opening track, Before The Storm.

The band have yet again managed to stand out in the metal scene with the addition of long-term friend Xander Isles as a vocalist and keytarist extraordinaire. Xander’s additional support vocally has given the band the ability to deliver powerful harmonies live, as well as a whole new outlook on writing vocal parts in newer material. The Skies Are Falling Down is the first track to feature Isles and his influence is evident. The power of the vocal delivery is extraordinary, with features of choral harmonies and infectious melodies; the chorus is just huge. Not to mention a mesmerising keytar solo; having Xander has given Skies an extra arrow in their quiver.

Right now, Skies Turn Black have a selection of new material ready to go and are incredibly excited to see where it will take them. The band are putting finishing touches on their own studio built in Huddersfield and look to keep producing their own passionate brand of metal.