May 23, 2020

This is the third release by this Australian glam rock band, and they certainly have that swagger and in-your-face attitude that just about every band from down under seems to have. They call themselves a theatrical glam band, which probably means they like to dress up, and admittedly they are very glamorous to look at and so much larger than life. Imagine if Motley Crüe, Steel Panther, Kiss, Men At Work, Rose Tattoo and Skyhooks joined forces to form one huge, gloriously over the top, sleaze outfit – then this is just about what you have here. Crosson is definitely a band on the up, with their last album, Invincible, spending 10 weeks in the German Rock and Metal chart, and their new album has the potential to do even better.

Glam/Sleaze metal is up tempo rock played with a ferocious beat, an essential amount of humour and a definite ability to get anyone up and dancing to it. Crosson tick all the right boxes there, and this is one of those albums that instantly becomes a friend and a go-to album for when you need something familiar and friendly. However it is ferocious at the same time, and contains enough guitar runs and riffs to satisfy even the most demanding metal-head. Let’s face it, this is ‘party rock’ and Crosson have the talent, songs and, more importantly, attitude to stand alongside the heavyweights of the genre and not look out of place.

The main man is Jason Crosson who is the vocalist, guitarist, writer and producer, and is as outrageous as they come: simply check out his hair to confirm this! He has built a fantastic team around him with fellow singer Amanda Easton, Joel McDonald on guitar, John Katirtsides on bass/vocals and Jordan McDonald on drums. They have the right look, the right attitude, some truly fabulous songs and, most importantly, the musical acumen to back it all up. Have a look at the videos on their website and YouTube and you will see this is a band guaranteed to make you smile and thoroughly appreciate their up-tempo radio friendly rock.