August 15, 2022

You may think that you do not know the name David Paich but you will most assuredly have heard his music at some point in your life. Paich is a musician, singer, songwriter, producer and a founding and still current member of Toto. He is a six times Grammy award winner so knows a thing or two about writing successful songs and it is estimated that he has contributed in one form or another to over 2000 albums in the last 50-years and he also co-wrote Hold The Line, Rosanna and Africa, pretty impressive, eh? Add credits for songwriting with the likes of Boz Scaggs, Mötley Crüe, Michael Jackson, Steely Dan, Miles Davis, Dolly Parton, Ray Charles, Barbra Streisand and Elton John and so many others then you know you are in the presence of rock royalty.

Photo: Alex Solca Photography

All of this actually makes it rather bizarre that it has taken over 50-years for Paich to release his first solo album with Forgotten Toys being his long awaited and much anticipated new work. The album is rather appropriately called titled as the tracks here are all put together from ideas and fragments of music that he has written over the years with the break enforced by the COVID pandemic finally allowing him the time to work on them. Once written and put together Paich then called in a galaxy of friends to record the album with contributions from Joseph Williams as co-producer and additional vocalist plus Steve Lukather, Brian Eno, Michael McDonald, Ray Parker Jr., Don Felder and Steve Jordan of The Rolling Stones. Together, they have recorded a most impressive melodic rock album that is part Toto, part Alan Parsons, part Steely Dan and all with a real flavour of Peter Gabriel, so what’s not to like?

Forgotten Toys short album at only 30-minutes but it is beautifully put together and recorded with real panache and with vocals that are expressive, emotion filled and gorgeous. If you are a Toto fan then you will be all over this album but all music fans of all persuasions will find something here that they can relate to and invest in. The album is sheer poetry and contains music that is timeless and classless, simply amazing. So many musicians have written their autobiographies, some great and some less so but I have the feeling that David Paich’s story would be an incredible best seller if only he could ever find the time to write it.

Forgotten Toys

  1. Forward (0:30)
  2. willibelongtoyou (4:20)
  3. Spirit Of The Moonrise (4:53)
  4. First Time 5:06)
  5. Queen Charade (4:26)
  6. All The Tears That Shine (5:22)
  7. Lucy (4:31)

David Paich – Forgotten Toys is released by Players Club/Mascot Label Group on 19 August, 2022