May 10, 2022

DeVicious is a quality heavy melodic rock band from Germany with Black Heart now being the band’s fourth album since its formation in 2016. They have steadily built up a solid reputation for quality melodic metal but, strangely, the first three albums all featured different singers but Black Heart now sees all of the musicians from the album ‘Phase Three’ returning so the Italian vocalist Antonio Calanna has kept his role which is hardly surprising given the quality, aggression and assertiveness he brought to the band.

As previously, we have Alex Frey on bass, Radivoj Petrovic on guitar, Lars Nippa on drums and Denis Kunz on keyboards and the rapport that started with the last release is very much evident on Black as the musicians grown and develop together. The band delights in delivering hard melodic rock with a distinct mid ’80s vibe yet it remains fresh, modern and up to date but it will definitely have the casual listener thinking it must be some lost classic from the golden days of hair metal!

Black Heart has a real feel of stadium rock as the music is powerful and anthemic with just that right amount of aggression to give the band the ‘edge’ that is needed to stand out in an ever increasingly saturated market. The band build on those quality sounds from yesteryear with a real flavour of Survivor and Danger Danger coupled with the more contemporary sounds of H.E.A.T., Treat and even Europe. Each of the band’s four albums are excellent melodic rock releases but Black Heart does see the band becoming a touch more aggressive and strident with an epic and intense delivery that is certainly to see them become favourites on the live rock scene and there will be plenty of hands and lighters in the air when treading the outdoor festival boards too!

Expect the usual studio magic, hooks aplenty and vocal harmonies as the band delivers a delicious slice of hard rock with Radivoj Petrovic again showing what a major talent he is on guitar with Antonio Calanna adding that elusive star quality that will ensure that Black Heart will become the band’s most popular album to date. The group will also release its own comic book series in 2022 called Dollhouse DV with the album artwork featuring characters from the comic book so it seems that DeVicious has ambitions above and beyond hard rock and it will be interesting to see what comes next!

Black Heart

  1. Afterlife (4:48)
  2. Heroines (6:09)
  3. A Special Mind (5:39)
  4. Liar (3:46)
  5. Black Heart (4:47)
  6. Not What It Seems (5:39)
  7. Welcome The Night (5:10)
  8. After Midnight (4:52)
  9. Falling (4:59)
  10. Miles Away (5:13)