January 29, 2023

Final Advent is the latest album from the Swedish melodic/power rock band Dynazty and is record number eight in a career which began back in 2007.

Dynazty was put together by Rob ‘Love’ Magnusson and John Berg and recruited Georg ‘Egg’ Härnsten and Joel Apelgren and finally singer Nils Molin although there have been a couple of minor changes over the years with Apelgren and Berg leaving to be replaced by Mikael Lavér and Jonathan Olsson. This line-up has been together now for several years having produced the most excellent recent albums in 2018’s Firesigns and 2020’s The Dark Delight with Final Advent very much in keeping the excellent standards expected from this superior hard, melodic rock band. The way the band combines heavier themes and harmonies within the melodic rock framework is impressive and you get the impression that this is a band that could play anything they wanted and would do it brilliantly! Singer Nils Molin is exceptional with a voice so powerful, soaring and harmonious and he has just a touch of Joe Lynn Turner about his delivery which suits the music perfectly as Dynazty do have something of a Rainbow, Whitesnake and Deep Purple flavour which gives a real vibe and edge to the sound and when thy crank up the power then you know you are experiencing something powerful and almost primeval.

At times, there is also something of the pomp rock about the band with tracks like The White and Achilles almost being from the Magnum songbook and on these songs Olsson also sounds uncannily like the one and only Bob Catley. Magnuson and Lavér have a real chemistry and their guitar interplay is exquisite as they trade riffs and solos with aplomb whilst the bass of Olsson and drums of Härnsten ensure that the pace and direction never slackens or waivers. It’s no surprise that the band is slick and refined having worked together for so long and I know it is something of a cliché but Final Advent is, in my humble opinion, the best album that they have ever recorded with the songs being so superior to what has gone before and they were already of an outstanding quality.

Killer songs played to perfection with superb guitars and a singer who thrills and delights in equal measures ensure that Dynazty remain on top of their game and in Final Advent has produced an album that should be the standard bearer of how heavy melodic rock should be delivered.

Final Advent

  1. Power Of Will (3:55)
  2. Advent (3:48)
  3. Natural Born Killer (3:26)
  4. Yours (4:25)
  5. All The Devils Are Here (4:13)
  6. The White (3:49), Instinct (4:25)
  7. Heart Of Darkness (4:51)
  8. Achilles Heel (5:17)
  9. Power Of Now (3:40)

Final Advent is out now via AFM Records