June 28, 2021

In March 2021, Swedish heavy metal band Enforcer released their second live album Live By Fire II, which included a truly triumphant show captured in Mexico City in 2019. But Enforcer have not been revelling in past glories for the last couple of months, quite the opposite! Brothers Olof and Jonas Wikstrand have been locked up in their own Hvergelmer Studio crafting new songs, and can now unleash the brand-new single Kiss Of Death, a first impression of Enforcer‘s sixth studio album, which is expected to be released in early 2022.

Olof Wikstrand comments: “Heavy metal fans across the planet, are you with us?! Finally it’s time for us to unveil what we’ve been up to the past year and it feels incredibly awesome to present Kiss Of Death to you all. A totally raw, yet melodic speed metal hymn! A hit and run metal hymn that should leave no head un-banged!!”

Live By Fire II offers an intense and passionate performance captured in front of a truly dedicated and wild audience in Mexico City in 2019. From the speed metal attack of Destroyer, Searching For You and Midnight Vice to perfect sing-alongs like From BeyondOne Thousand Years In Darkness and Take Me Out Of This Nightmare the enthusiastic crowd and powerful sound of Live By Fire II result in a captivating and extremely entertaining listen.

Olof Wikstrand | vocals, guitars
Jonas Wikstrand | drums, piano & keyboards
Tobias Lindqvist | bass
Jonathan Nordwall | guitars