December 20, 2020

It appears that this is the debut release by Eyes Of Tomorrow, a German hardcore rock band. There doesn’t appear to be too much personal information about the band other than they are from the Rurhpott region which is an area covering Bochum, Dortmund, Duisburg and Essen. They state that they have been heavily influenced by Cro-Mag the American hardcore punk outfit and have even taken their name from one of Cro-Mag’s albums, Alpha Omega.

Eyes Of Tomorrow are a band rather similar to Agnostic Front and plays loud and very heavy hardcore with wave after wave of powerful drums and bass and ominous and crunching riffs. Imagine being in a phone booth with two jack hammers and two pneumatic drills and you will get some sense of the sound and power that this band cranks out. As you can see from the track list below, the album features eleven tracks and lasts just 24 minutes with the average song being around two minutes so this band does not mess around, it says what it has to say and then promptly moves on to the next equally hard hitting song almost without pausing for breath.

The vocals are delivered in true hardcore style, being deep and aggressive but not growled or guttural so you can tell that the vocalist most certainly can sing. The songs are delivered in perfect English but I have a feeling that they would work equally well or even better if sung in German. The band has also previously released a couple of EPs which are available on Bandcamp and they only use first names for identification with Chris (bass), Adam (drums), Dom (guitar) and Mirko (vocals) so must like to be enigmatic and obscure. The music is hard, brutal and profane which is exactly what you expect from a hardcore band and Eyes Of Tomorrow do it very well. Yes, the album is short but that doesn’t detract as hardcore albums tend to be short and any longer runs the risk of diminishing the impact.

If you are into Agnostic Front, Cro-Mags, Madball or Sick Of It All then you really should be adding the name of Eyes Of Tomorrow to the list but then you know that already, don’t you?

Settle For More track list

  1. Gone For Good (3:01)
  2. State Of Mine (1:34)
  3. Settle For More (2:15)
  4. Blinded By Greed (1:51)
  5. World Of Lies (1:57)
  6. Hold On (2:34)
  7. Take My Life (1:24)
  8. Masses Of Despair (1:25)
  9. Hate, Lies & Violence (2:22)
  10. My PMA (2:24)
  11. Things We Need (2:24)