September 13, 2020

Just try to imagine for as moment a world where there was no Judas Priest, can you comprehend just how bleak and miserable that world would be? Remember, also, that it would not just be devoid of the greatest metal band that ever existed but also the uncountable bands that the mighty Priest has influenced throughout their career. What a horrible thought! Luckily, this is not the case and, thus, we have a plethora of bands that have taken onboard the Judas Priest template in one form or another. Add to that ever growing list this powerful and aggressive Seattle based metal band from the United States, a group that unashamedly glories and revels in old school heavy metal and they do it with such aplomb.

Hard, heavy and bombastic Greyhawk combine phenomenal guitar with relentless drums and bass to make a sound similar to a huge and all-devouring earthquake. Add to this heady mix the human siren that is vocalist Rev Taylor and you have a fully developed, superior metal album that will please classic hard rock fans and power metal aficionados equally. Darin Wall (drums) and Nate Buler (bass) team up perfectly but special praise must be given to the twin guitarists for their work is outstanding as they trade lick for lick and then combine runs sublimely as Downing and Tipton did at their peak. I’m not actually sure of the guitarists identity other than Jesse Berlin is one of them but the band publicity states the other as Alika Madis although the band’s Facebook page says it is Enrico Marriuzzo so maybe they have had a recent change, whichever it is, they are damn good. Rev Taylor is a class act on the microphone with his commanding vocals and when he screams like Halford or Dickinson then he sends a shiver down your spine.

Greyhawk is a relatively new band having only formed in 2018 with Keepers Of The Flame being their debut album release following the 6-track EP, Ride Out, which came out in 2018 but they know what they are doing and they do it well. Soaring vocals and screaming guitars built around a power and might that screams aloud that this band is only going to get better and better. The song writing is superior and hook laden with a dynamic delivery that keeps you totally entertained throughout. Throw in Dio-esque fantasy lyrics and a sword and sorcery album cover and you have the perfect hard rock package, one to savour for Priest, Manowar and Maiden fans everywhere.

Keepers Of The Flame track list

  • Gates of Time (1:12)
  • Frozen Star (3:10)
  • Drop The Hammer (2:48)
  • Halls Of Insanity (4:10)
  • The Rising Sign (5:45)
  • R.X.R.O. (3:06)
  • Don’t Wait For The Wizard (5:03)
  •  Black Peak (6:08)
  • Masters Of The Sky (4:02)
  • Ophidian Throne (3:07)
  • Keepers Of The Flame (5:42)