WHIRLWIND release new video for song ‘Immortal Heroes’

Spanish new heavy metallers WHIRLWIND have just launched a lyric video, of the song Immortal Heroes, as a 2nd advance single from their 1st full album entitled 1714, which will be released on November 22nd, 2022 through Fighter Records on CD, 12"LP, Cassette and Digital formats, and you can watch the video below. WHIRLWIND was born as a..

Greyhawk – Call Of The Hawk (Fighter Records)

This America old school heavy metal began life in 2018 and released the 6-track EP Ride Out in the same year with the full debut Keepers Of The Flame coming out in 2020 which was a superb homage to all things metal and showed a band with the glorious remit of bringing heavy metal back..

Chronomancy – Shadows In Atlantis (Fighter Records)

Chronomancy is a Greek power/symphonic metal band with a definite infusion of traditional folk/Celtic elements which are very much part of the bands core sound. Initially formed in Thessaloniki they have hardly been prolific with a three track demo in 2010, the full debut, Here And Now which came out in 2014 and The Age..

ÜLTRA RAPTÖR – Tyrants (Fighter Records)

In the 'old' days you would casually wander around the record shop flicking through the albums to see what caught your attention and this was why the album cover art was as important as this was usually your first point of contact with a record or band. Remember, there was no internet so we had..

New ÜLTRA RAPTÖR video online!

Canadian Speed/Heavy Metal band ÜLTRA RAPTÖR have just launched a lyric video, of the song Gale Runner, as a 2nd advanced single from their upcoming debut album Tyrants, which will be released on November 9th, 2021 through Fighter Records on CD, LP, Cassette & Digital formats, and you can watch the video below. The style..

Slowburn – Rock ‘N’ Roll Rats (Fighter Records)

Slowburn is a traditional heavy metal band from Spain and was formed in 2015 by the thrash metal band Rancor bassist Jorge Serrano (aka Serra). He brought in fellow Rancor member Jorge Sáez on drums, lead guitarist Óscar Hernández from Motociclón and the Ariete singer David M. Romeral and together they recorded a couple of demos. They..

Nightfear – Apocalypse (Fighter Records)

Hailing from Madrid in Spain, Nightfear is a heavy metal band that came together in 2008 with Apocalypse being the bands third release. I have not heard either of the first two albums but Apocalypse shows a band delivering power metal in the traditional German/Scandinavian fashion, being drum and bass heavy with the usual fast..

Tytus – Rain After Drought (Fighter Records)

Tytus is a New Wave Of Traditional Heavy Metal band (NWOTHM) band out of Italy which formed in 2014 and this is their second album following the debut, Rise, which came out in 2016. To be fair, you only have to state that they are NWOTHM which is the modern take of the glorious NWOBHM..

Hyperion – Into The Maelstrom (Fighter Records)

HyperioN is, quite simply, a wonderful traditional heavy metal band from Bologna in Italy that delights in delivering frenetic old school metal. The band was formed towards the end of 2015 by guitarist and main song writer Davide Cotti (ex-Prophecy/Prophexy) and he quickly brought in a team of great musicians in guitarist Luke Fortini (Imago..

Greyhawk – Keepers Of The Flame (Fighter Records)

Just try to imagine for as moment a world where there was no Judas Priest, can you comprehend just how bleak and miserable that world would be? Remember, also, that it would not just be devoid of the greatest metal band that ever existed but also the uncountable bands that the mighty Priest has influenced..