December 4, 2023

It’s been more than a decade since Inculter’s inception in a town called Fusa in Norway, and they have delivered two full-lengths and one EP of blistering thrash since. Their third album Morbid Origin will be released next Friday, four years after the excellent Fatal Visions. The band is still comprised of Remi André Nygård (guitars, vocals), Lasse Udjus (guitar) and Daniel Tveit (drums), while session bass on the album was played by Bård Inge Nygård and Cato Bakke.

After a gentle, melodic instrumental intro, Death Reigns storms the speakers with insane ferocity and speed, at the same time introducing a tasty melodic guitar interlude at 3:35 – typical Inculter craftsmanship. The following Age Of Reprisal is more-mid-tempo, with once again fantastic melodic leads, proving these guys feel equally at home when the velocity is toned down a bit. The album is putting a stronger accent on groove and diversity in guitar riffs, giving songs like Chained To The Void and especially the title track more space to breathe and more nuances to discover with each listen. Children Of Demise is a total Schizophrenia-era Sepultura worship while Extinction keeps up with the speed, but still manages to elevate as an album highlight with its closing two minutes of guitar harmonies, influenced by NWOBHM. Perennial Slaves is probably the most experimental track of the bunch, playing with some acoustic guitars and a dragged, muddy rhythm, while Lethal Salvation puts another huge smile on my face with the amazing guitar melodies at 2:30 and its oppressive atmosphere, sounding at the end like a thrash-possessed Angel Witch. Beautiful stuff.

Inculter have perfected their sound even further with Morbid Origin, becoming one of the undisputed leaders of the European thrash scene in 2023 and this is not an exaggeration by any means. The band has crafted a style of their own, which is instantly recognizable and this is not an easy task in thrash. Even if almost all of the songs could be fully enjoyed from the first listen, this new album requires your attention and reveals its full potential after several plays. I have been playing it on repeat since October 19th and still find something new to enjoy and a new favorite musical part (right now, it’s the closing two minutes of the title track). Check these guys out if you haven’t already, because this is metal perfection.


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Morbid Origin is out on December 8th via Edged Circle Productions and you can order it from HERE