March 7, 2023

On 10th March, Ingrid and the Ministers release their brand new single ‘Last Night I Dreamt That I Shot Myself’ and announce new album Boofhead to be released April 21st. Ranging from poignant and nostalgic heartbreak songs to rugged punk rock, Ingrid and the Ministers’ unconfined sound is always organic and filled with classic guitar solos you can’t help but imagine being played in front of you.


Ingrid and the Ministers are a candid psychedelic rock ’n’ roll band transmitting from the underground of New Zealand’s capital, achieving a rare balance of vigorous raw emotion and humble greatness, piloting the band down pathways of expansive creative energy. A craftful songwriter, her potent and melodic vocals are a vehicle for lyrical brilliance. Born and raised in Grenoble, France, Ingrid moved to Pōneke/ Wellington as a teenager and has lived there since, starting the band in 2018. Joining her on lead and rhythm guitar is James Morgan, then Scott Maynard on bass and Kim Andrews on drums.

Speaking of ‘Last Night I Dreamt That I Shot Myself’ Ingrid says, “the song is about the triumphant moment you realise that you’re finally over someone. What could be construed as a nightmare turns into a revelation that something needed to give in order to make space for the new. It’s about the relief and lightness of making it to the other side”

Writing the track whilst cycling across the top of the South Island of New Zealand, Ingrid had a dream exactly like the one she describes in the title line. “It just kept spinning around in my head. I didn’t have an instrument to write with so I composed it mentally on the bike. That’s probably why the words feel more spoken than sung. I was really intrigued by this idea that a violent, seemingly self-destructive thought, could generate so much relief”

In true DIY fashion, their first album in 2020 ‘Kill the Sights’ was recorded in the ex-guitar player’s garage, with the wavering single Pepper & Sand garnering praise from Youtuber Matt Orchard’s Crime and Society series when it featured on an episode. The album captures their signature live sound, and at times fittingly atonal melodies with showers of hard-hitting choruses.

With their new album compressing a world of innovative expression into a single record, Ingrid and the Ministers’ fresh creative freedom bursts when performing on stage, leaving a lasting impression with audiences who get to experience it.