February 29, 2020

Better late than never in reviewing this fine rock and roll album by the groove heavy Irish/Australian rockers, Jailbirds. Both Irish and Australian rock bands seem to be at their best when they produce raw, high energy rock and if cigarettes and alcohol are involved then even better; maybe not the best choice for a healthy lifestyle but it doesn’t half improve dirty and sweaty rock and roll.

Jailbirds are based in Dublin, Ireland with Axel McDonald on lead vocals and lead guitar, his brother Jay McDonald on drums, both being the founders of the band and originating from Sydney, Australia with the rest of the band being Irish rhythm guitarist Ed Orr and bass player Jamie Trimble. As is usual with any band with Aussie roots there is a touch of AC/DC and those other crazy Australian rockers Rose Tattoo about them as well as a little of the Stones and they manage to fuse hard rock with rock and roll and a fair amount of swaggering bump ‘n’ grind.

This is hard and heavy party and drinking music ideal for the small club and wonderful to hear in a back street pub just off the beaten track in Dublin or London or Sheffield for that matter. This is music to be enjoyed with friends and a drink in your hand and not a midnight reflective headphones album so savour and enjoy every minute of bands like Jailbirds because there are the real stars of the rock world because we all need to revel in uncomplicated, unadulterated rock that takes us all back to the primitive state, rock and roll at its best.