December 10, 2021

Keith Cook used to be the guitarist for the American punk band Debris and this is his second solo album which features a ’70s sounding aggressive punk delivery from Cook with the songs being very short and rather angry.

Some of the musicians backing Cook have featured in bands like Nirvana, The Stooges and Wayne/Jayne County but it appears they were all short lived members either very early or late in the bands careers but I suppose that they are not bad names to trade on. The music is very guitar riff based with lots of distortion and all delivered at 100mph and actually reminded me a little of the old punk Chris Spedding but of course, Spedding was a talented gun for hire and could play whatever was asked of him! The album was deliberately recorded and produced to sound raw, visceral and most certainly to have a retro feel and flavour.

Cook and producer Steve Fisk have deliberately aimed at a lo-fi sound and this would have been all the rage in 1975/76 but I rather suspect that that ship has now sailed and those early days when the shock of punk caused so much concern can never be repeated. The album takes a rather strange turn with the last two songs which both clock in at just under 12-minutes each and are extended work out with lots of fuzz, strident vocals, discordant sax and lyrics taking a pop at the world and current events and are actually much better than the shorted tracks. This is an album for the old punk devotees but, even then, it may just be a little too experimental for them. However, it is an interesting work and should be heard at least once just to see what other forms of music are out there.

Rock & Roll Riot

  1. Cease (3:47)
  2. Never Equate (2:19)
  3. Child’s Play (1:52)
  4. Activational Love (1:43)
  5. For Times (2:50)
  6. Northwest Custom Framing (2:01)
  7. Buzzards (3:08)
  8. When I Believed (4:30)
  9. Rock & Roll Riot (11:58)
  10. Home Is (11:56)