January 8, 2023

KODESEVEN releases new cyberpunk single Bullets, new self titled album out 30th March on FiXT & available for pre-order now.

Kodeseven is the electro-cyberpunk side project from songwriter/producer Ars Nikonov who many fans would know from his synth-wave project Fury Weekend.

The album is a dark soundtrack to the ominous future waiting for humanity if we continue our present course. Kodeseven revolves around a dark cyberpunk society with augmented humans, with each track adding a layer to the story, beginning with Bastion and ending with Asylum. The album covers a wide range of genres including but not limited to dance, industrial, techno, synthwave, cyberpunk, fused together to form the perfect soundtrack for your next Cyberpunk 2077 adventure.

Dropping with the album announcement is an electronic dubstep and industrial mash-up Bullets. Intricately pulled together the song features thrashing industrial guitars folded into a dance track forming an overall ominous atmosphere.  

Bullets is the perfect soundtrack for the struggle between humans and machines in the dark cyberpunk future,” says Kodeseven.