January 14, 2024

Melodic metallers Mega Colossus were originally formed a decade ago in Raleigh, North Carolina as simply Colossus by vocalist Sean Buchanan and guitarist/vocalist Bill Fischer. Since then the band has released three full lengths and just as many EPs, all of which of excellent quality classic heavy metal, with and extra touch of melody and uplifting mood. The band lineup is unchanged since 2021’s Riptime album and this fact has surely helped them sound even more confident, determined and inspired in Showdown, which will be released in two weeks.

In the words of Fischer, Showdown is to Riptime as Temple Of Doom is to Raiders Of The Lost Ark and I can certainly nod with agreement over such a good comparison. The greatest strength of Mega Colossus have always been the guitar riffs and melodies and once again the accent of the new songs is put on the guitars. Fantastic melodic are present in all the album’s six songs, with now an even greater emphasis put on catchiness. Opener Fortune And Glory grabs you by the throat and doesn’t let go for seven minutes. The chorus is easily their best ever and the good news is that the following songs don’t step down in quality. Outrun Infinity and Wicked Road are probably the most accessible while Grab The Sun is a bit heavier and at the same time more progressive sounding, with some tasty guitar transitions and stop-start riffs. The title track and the closing Take To The Skies are more of the same – fantastic heavy metal with a nod to the old school but equally faithful to the NWOTHM wave and never relying on clichés.

I am afraid I will repeat myself, but, no disrespect to the amazing singing of Buchanan and the rhythm section of Mendoza and Micale, the riffs and melodies of Bill Fischer and Chris Millard are what puts Mega Colossus in the spotlight among so many of their contemporaries. There is one more important compliment I have to make and it’s about the band’s ability to pen a memorable chorus. There’s an almost constant smile on my face when listening to this album and I bet you will feel that way too. This is an album to jumpstart 2024 with. Don’t miss it.  


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Showtime will be out on January 26th via Cruz Del Sur Music and you can order it from HERE