March 23, 2024

Mi von Ahn comes from Sweden, and specialises in weaving emotive dream indie rock with verve and ambience. A kind of warming melancholy, set against a dynamic and ever changing soundscape, where desolate expanses seamlessly intermingle with lush inland forests. Her self-produced cabin pop exudes echoes of Bon Iver’s ethereal soundscapes. According to Clash Magazine, her music is “driving, inspiring, and moving…”, drawing parallels to US band The War On Drugs. Swedish newspaper Västerbottenskuriren notes “… hints of Fleetwood Mac and perhaps even Amanda Bergman/Amason can be detected, but above all, Mi von Ahn remains unequivocally herself”.


Over the years, Mi has played in clubs, concert halls and festivals across Sweden and has also toured as supporting act for Ane Brun, Jennie Abrahamsson and more. In 2024 Mi will support The Soundtrack of Our Lives and Christian Kjellvander. On February 16, she unveiled her latest single, ‘out of my head’, which is followed by the EP everything is until it’s not on 5th April 2024.

Mi has released two full-length albums and three EPs. In 2018, her debut album, Signals, emerged, garnering a nomination for Gaffa Magazine’s newcomer of the year award. In 2022 the follow-up album reverie was released. An introspective exploration of dreams as a perpetual source of hope and catalyst for personal growth, transcending both the grand and subtle complexities of life. Mi’s introspective gaze extends far beyond earthly concerns, encompassing the vast expanse of the cosmos, while also delving into the intertwined realms of humanity and climate change. Intertwined with narratives of heartbreak and the struggles of dealing with fatigue syndrome.

everything is until it’s not is a collection of four songs where sadness, loss and desperation are woven together. About finding the anger as a strategy to move on, about gratitude, and about being able to let in the joy of memories in the midst of sadness. All created and spun within a dream-like web of luscious sound

The opening track is the single out of my head, a sinuous hypnotic number that reminds me of Kate Bush and indeed you could imagine it being part of the soundtrack for Stranger Things….dreamy, cinematic, an intriguing production blend of slightly ‘woolly’ and completely crisp sounds – well worth listening to on headphones to appreciate the full ambience of all of these.

ghost is driven by a bewitching percussive electro-beat, overlaid by some echoey guitar notes and such a smooth voice. Synths sweep in, the whole having a touch of the Moby track Extreme Ways – it has the same mesmeric effect on me!

how the wind is another deeply atmospheric number, it immediately casts a spell on your ears and reminds me of that dreamy hypnotic effect that Dido’s first album had. Clean clever percussion, mellow guitar and a totally enveloping bass-line do it for me. When you think this whole EP was written and recorded by Mi in a small cabin – on wheels, for heaven’s sake! – in the mountains of Jämtland county in the mountainous middle of Sweden, you have to take your hat off to her dexterity as a musician, not to mention her compositional skills.

day by day is even more laid-back, a slow, soft but dark ambient ballad – again I have to use the adjective “dreamy”, it absolutely nails it.

Inspired by nineties trip hop and shoegaze, Mi has created a soundscape characterized by rawness, nerve and simplicity. The final recording was done in Tajgan studios in Akkavare and Sandås Silence in Umeå, north of Sweden. ‘everything is until it’s not’ is mixed by Anton Sundell, Studio Bruket, and Axel Andersson Utsi, Tajgan Studios.