March 23, 2024

If you thought Daedric’s release of Mortal was complete back in August of 2023, strap in. The ride is about to get a rocky. Daedric has released their Mortal Deluxe and it’s now available across all DSPs from FiXT

Mortal Deluxe is the final quest. An immense experience the listener deserves and a rousing conclusion to my debut installment” says  Daedric.

While the original was a full blown high octane ride the deluxe edition adds electrifying remixes from both SWARM, known for his dark EDM, and Voicians, known for his Drum & Bass Rock creations, as well as an electrifying reimagined version of Only

“I’m very grateful to SWARM and Voicians for their incredible remixes of Alchemy and Coldharbour,” explains Daedric. “I really feel that it completes my vision for Mortal as a full-spectrum musical journey. From Metal, Electronic, Pop and Rock. It’s all there.”

Singles from the album have already gained traction across multiple platforms including Spotify features on multiple official playlists, such as: All New Metal, New Blood, Heavy Queens, Epic & Melodic, Industrial Metal, The Core, Alternative Metal, Kickass Metal, Rock Hard, All New Rock, Progressive Metal, misfits 2.0 and more. Other notable editorial support has been seen from VEVO across Rock and Metal music video playlists on VEVO’s YouTube & App playlists as well as VEVO’s linear TV programming channels. The project has also quickly resonated with an international audience with strong support from the Eastern Europe platforms VK and Yandex supporting multiple tracks across the platform’s respective rock and metal playlists.

The Texas-based metal venture Daedric‘s original debut album Mortal was a feral offering to the altar of Electronic Metal. From the triumphant entry of Wretched the band burst onto the scene with a stunning vocal performance from from Hope in their alluring music video for the debut single. Wretched set the stage for their next singles, the alluring yet brutal Sepulchre and the heavy industrial  Dawnbreaker‘ each with their own accompanying music video setting the tone and quality the band wanted to share. The album was produced by Geoff Rockwell (Memphis May Fire, Crown the Empire) and Clay Schroeder, with all but Wretched being mixed by renowned mixer Joey Sturgis, also known for his work with Of Mice & Men, Asking Alexandria, and We Came As Romans

Whether you’re an Elder Scrolls fan or just a music lover, Daedric leads you on a quest of apparent destiny with music that ranges from unrelenting breakdowns, incorporating hypnotic beats and cinematic transitions, coupled with vocals that range from ethereal to brutal, savage to soulful. The album performs a delicate dance between ethereal and ominous, delicate and harsh building up to new heights with each new single Mortal encapsulates the human condition in its entirety. We are flawed, we are brief, but we are vital.

Daedric has collaborated with labelmates Celldweller, Fight The Fade, Andromida, Void Chapter, and Kaixo for a gamut of well received singles that have also pulled in more fans across the world. After dropping a variety of singles, music videos, and collaborations Daedric has amassed over 300K followers across all platforms, scored mentions on Louder Sound, Punk Rocker, Metal Hammer, and Metal Injection. They’ve also gained notoriety on the Daedric Official Tik Tok Account covering the hit single This Is Halloween, and Daedric‘s track Abandon, a collaborative effort with Andromida, found its way into the spotlight when Ubisoft chose it for inclusion in a promotional trailer for Rainbow Six Siege.

Upon Daedric‘s inception in Late 2020, they had a goal to create a dark Synthwave project that established a modern fantasy element that was lacking across the dystopian-filled genre. With Geoff‘s captivating production, Clay‘s syncopated riffs and Kristyn’s hypnotic vocal delivery, Wretched was forged and set forth an inevitable sound. More importantly, it opened the doors for true exploration. Over the next year Daedric would expand their writing across multiple genres, blending metal drums and industrial grooves with an amalgamation of synth, guitar and orchestration, all leading to a diverse soundscape to showcase Kristyn‘s immense vocal range.

Daedric explains, “Our goal was to create something unique and captivating, yet grounded in raw human emotion and I truly believe we accomplished that.” Mortal is not a predictable journey, much like the quests of Skyrim and Oblivion, it is bound by a fatal pulse. We are truly alive. We are ‘Mortal.'”

Mortal Deluxe is out now from FiXT

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