February 14, 2021

Amoriello is a project put together by American guitarist Thomas Amoriello with this short five track EP following on from his full debut and self titled release in 2018.

Hailing from New Jersey, Amoriello has called in a number of guests on this release which falls into the hard rock, epic metal category and is very much in the same area as Kamelot, Dio and Crimson Glory but there are many other influences to pick up too. James Amoriello plays lead and rhythm guitar with Carlos Zema on vocals, Emilio Martinez on bass, Ken Stravopoulos on drums and Anthony Stahl on keyboards. Brazilian Carlos Zema may be known to you through his work with Immortal Guardian and Outworld and his strident vocals and screamed vocals fall into the Sean Peck/Harry Conklin arena but he does fall a little short of the high standards set by these two giants of metal. He even has the powerful drums of BJ Zampa on the track Magic Wand but it is Thirty Four Strings Of Fury that catch your attention as it is blistering metal with some thrilling solos shared amongst the additional guitarists of Ronni LeTekro, Glen Drover, Alex Masi and Toby Knapp. A great song but it would have been even better at twice the length.

Just the five tracks for 17-minutes makes this a short work to judge a musician especially when the music and material often switches between hard rock and progressive metal and then you get Magic Wand which is rather bizarre and experimental and Milan’s Dream which plays like an acoustic madrigal. The guitar work is excellent and some songs work better than others but the vocals of Zema just seem a little out of time with the music.

Dear Dark track list

  1. Dear Dark (3:50)
  2. This Burning Evil (3:11)
  3. Thirty Four Strings of Fury (4:07)
  4. Magic Wand (Abracadabra) (4:06)
  5. Milan’s Dream (1:33)