April 27, 2022

Out of This World is a new melodic rock project put together by some amazingly talented musicians led by Kee Marcello (guitar/keyboards), Tommy Heart (vocals), Ken Sandin (bass) and Darby Todd (drums) with Out Of This World being the band’s self titled debut release. These musicians know a thing or two about AOR and hard melodic rock with Marcello formerly being in Europe, Heart from Fair Warning, Sandin of Alien and Todd having working with Devin Townsend and Gary Moore and together they have produced a quality melodic rock album aided also by guest keyboards from the genius that is Don Airey. Given the line-up and previous bands and albums they have been involved in then it should come as no big surprise that they have made is a slick and cultured AOR album with infectious and upbeat songs that feature great vocals, wonderful musicianship, lots of hooks and great vocal harmonies, in fact, everything you want and desire in a melodic rock album.

The base, as usual , is taken from the classic American AOR bands but then given that special Scandinavian magic that so many of the Northern European bands have so there is very much a sound of outfits like Europe, Treat and H.E.A.T. so quality is assured. Tommy Heart is exceptional on vocals with his soaring and powerful voice that immediately makes you sit up and take notice with Marcello laying down some really groove filled vibes and blistering solos that have you reaching for your air guitar and punching the air in time with the music. The CD features three bonus demo tracks and there is a second CD too featuring several live tracks but this was not included for review so no comment can be made about them.

However, if you are a fan of mature and class filled AOR then this new group and album will fill you with pure delight.

Out Of This World

  1. Twilight (7:24)
  2. Hanging On (3:35)
  3. In A Million Years (4:08)
  4. Lighting Up My Dark (3:54)
  5. Staring At The Sun (4:09)
  6. The Warrior (4:16)
  7. Up To You (4:21)
  8. Ain’t Gonna Let You Go (4:47)
  9. Only You Can Teach Me How To Love Again (4:01)
  10. Not Tonight (4:32), Twilight (Bonus Demo Version) (6:52)
  11. In A Million Years ( Bonus Demo Version) (3:57)
  12. Lighting Up My Dark (Bonus Demo Version) (3:50)