April 27, 2022

A new release by Swedish power metal outfit Veonity is always a reason to celebrate with Elements of Power being the bands fifth album to date in a career which began when the band formed in 2013.

All of the previous albums have been high quality power metal dealing in the usual epic fantasy themes with soaring and intense vocals, supreme guitar, wonderful vocal harmonies and typically frenetic bass and explosive double bass drums. The band has built up a deserved formidable reputation which began when Anders Sköld (vocals and guitar), Samuel Lundström (lead guitar) and Kristoffer Lidre (bass) came together to form a new power metal outfit and the final piece f the jigsaw was fitted in place with drummer Joel Kollberg when he came on board in 2014. They have kept the same team for each album which seems to be something of a novelty these days and this continuity has certainly helped them as they expand and develop the dynamic within the band and has helped them mature as musicians with so very much to say musically. The band is very representative of the typical German/Scandinavian power metal sound and so readily falls into the same category as bands like Freedom Call, Edguy, Twilight Force, Stratovarius and there is even a flavour of the great Seventh Wonder too. Melody remains the keyword as the power is very much tempered by the melodic backbone throughout the band’s music and they obvious delight in extensive vocal harmonies and choirs which endow the album with a typically symphonic fantasy flavour.

Elements Of Power is a concept album too telling the epic tale of a boy crossing dimensions to become a legendary hero and saving the Earth in the process; concept albums and power metal must have surely been designed with each other on mind! The nearest band to Veonity in terms of sound and scope must surely be the imperious Freedom Call as both make extensive use of soaring and stirring vocal harmonies and each has an amazing frontman with clear, powerful and uplifting voices. Anders Sköld is again amazing with his wonderful voice and his guitar work perfectly supports the sublime, controlled and fluid guitar of Samuel Lundström and what a team they make. The engine room too is responsible for the usual wall of sound that drives all power metal bands with Kristoffer Lidre and Joel Kollberg being equally fast, furious and energetic. The songs on the new album are all searing, powerful metal epics with the lyrics drawing us into the story which is delivered with real majesty and might. Watch out for the guest vocals on the title track with Siegfried Samer of Dragony joining in with the blissful fun.

If symphonic power metal dealing with epic themes and gorgeous harmonies is your preferred metal then this is going to be perfect for you. All others are recommended to check this album out too as it truly rocks and offers something for every metal fan.

Elements Of Power

  1. Beyond The Realm Of Reality (4:57)
  2. The Surge (4:38)
  3. Altar Of Power (4:21)
  4. Elements Of Power (4:51)
  5. Gargoyles Of Black Steel (4:26)
  6. Dive Into The Light (5:26)
  7. Facing The Water (4:42)
  8. Blood Of The Beast (5:10)
  9. Curse Of The Barren Plains (4:24)
  10. Return To The Land Of Light (3:45)