December 28, 2020

PHILIP H. ANSELMO & THE ILLEGALS are now announcing new European tour dates, together with BAEST. The run includes performances at the mighty Metal Days Festival, Rockstad Extreme Fest, Brutal Assault and more. Find the full list of tour dates below.

PHILIP H. ANSELMO is an iconic artist – maybe a little bruised, scarred, singed, and somewhat battered by time, himself, and others. But the Texan remains proudly standing, unbent, and still angry. Loved and hated, attacked and praised, Phil is not ready to go down into the archives of musical history without a fight.

His new cooperation with the band that Phil himself created, THE ILLEGALS, is as brutal, kicking, lashing, and fury-filled as one could expect from this artist and PHILIP H. ANSELMO & THE ILLEGALS‘ debut ‘Walk Through Exits Only’ (2013). Their sophomore album, ‘Choosing Mental Illness As A Virtue’ is a much the metaphorical fist in the face and display of force as his adherents could wish for.

‘Choosing Mental Illness As A Virtue’ is not a simple repeat of the past – as tempting as that might sound, considering that no other artist left a deeper mark on metal in the 90’s than PANTERA. Raging, roaring, and bulldozing their way through the metal scene, the Texans have left a lasting legacy. At their front stood anger and hostility personified, PHILIP H. ANSELMO. What followed for example with DOWN and SUPERJOINT RITUAL has further cemented the singer’s reputation as a living legend. As an artist in his own right, Phil finally emancipated onto a solo-path with ‘Walk Through Exits Only’, which enabled him to do exactly as he pleased – with no need to compromise on anything.

Now, ‘Choosing Mental Illness As A Virtue’ follows along the path that PHILIP H. ANSELMO & THE ILLEGALS‘ debut has carved, but takes the mega-heavy, angry monster born out of mating the visceral aggression and power of PANTERA with the devastating thrash and Southern sludge that Phil and the New Orleans scene pioneered. 

PHILIP H. ANSELMO & THE ILLEGALS are back and about to mercilessly install ‘Choosing Mental Illness As A Virtue’ as a new benchmark for extreme heaviness. 

Philip H. Anselmo & The Illegals +Baest

24 Jul 21 St. Petersburg (RU) A2 Green concert
25 Jul 21 Moscow (RU) Adrenaline Stadium
29 Jul 21 Tolmin (SL) Metal days
30 Jul 21 Saint maurice de gourdans (FR) Sylak Festival
31 Jul 21 Utrecht (NL) Tivoli
01 Aug 21 Oberhausen (DE) Turbinehalle
04 Aug 21 Budapest (HU) Barba Negra
05 Aug 21 Belgrado (RS) Beogradski Sajam
06 Aug 21 Sofia (BG) Yunak
07 Aug 21 Brasov (RO) Rockstad Extreme Fest
09 Aug 21 Vienna (AT) Simm City
10 Aug 21 Krakau (PL) Studio
11 Aug 21 Jaromer (CZ) Brutal Assault Festival
13 Aug 21 Derbyshire (UK) Bloodstock Festival (no Baest)
14 Aug 21 Kortrijk (BE) Alcatraz Festival

Choosing Mental Illness Is A Virtue track list

  1. Little Fucking Heroes
  2. Utopian
  3. Choosing Mental Illness
  4. The Ignorant Point
  5. Individual
  6. Delinquent
  7. The Ignorant Point
  8. Individual
  9. Delinquent
  10. Photographic Taunts
  11. Finger Me
  12. Invalid Colubrine Frauds
  13. Mixed Lunatic Results

Philip H. Anselmo: vocals
Mike DeLeon: lead guitars
Jose “Blue” Gonzales: drums
Stephen “Schteve” Taylor: guitars
Walter Howard: bass