August 14, 2023

Rian is another of those amazing Swedish melodic rock bands that sound just so American with its perfectly delivered and most impeccable ’80s flavoured AOR delivery. Wings is now the groups perfectly formed third album following on from the strangely titled Twenty-Three which came out in 2021 with the debut, Out Of The Darkness, which started it all in 2017.

As mentioned, this is typical extravagant Swedish AOR following the well-used American template which means that they have a powerful and smooth, honey-dripping vocalist, immediately accessible and anthemic songs with great harmonies and huge choruses and all superbly delivered to a backing of intense and searing electric guitar.

The line-up continues as Richard Andermyr on vocals and guitar, Tobias Jakobsson on lead guitar, Jonas Melin on bass and Jan Johansson on drums with keyboard parts now being supplied by Eric Ragno rather than fellow Swedish Daniel Flores of Find Me and The Murder Of My Sweet fame who also provided production duties on Twenty-Three. The band has also added a special extra magic by utilising the mixing skills of Dennis Ward (Magnum, Pink Cream 69, Khymera) to give the album a clean, sharp and vibrant sound.

If you have heard the band’s earlier works then you will definitely know what to expect as this new release is very much more of the same being 80’s flavoured AOR/melodic rock that falls neatly into the category perfectly showcased by bands like Europe, Ten, Dokken and Winger. They write perfectly slick melodic rock songs with divine vocals from Richard Andermyr and he truly has the voice to go all the way to the top! His guitar work is very good too but it is Tobias Jakobsson who supplies the real fireworks with his stunning, incendiary solos that simply take your breath away

If you are in need of a new, fresh and exciting band to supply your new AOR needs then you could do a lot worse than check out this exciting Swedish band.


  1. Carry My Wings (4:03)
  2. We Ride (4:46)
  3. Don’t Wait For The Fire (4:41)
  4. Dance The Night Away (4:17)
  5. War Is Over (4:12), Look At The Stars (4:32)
  6. One In A Million (4:42)
  7. On The Wind (4:05)
  8. When You’re Gone (4:08)
  9. The Silence Of Our Dreams (4:23)
  10. Eternity (5:25)