October 31, 2022

It is always with a sense of excitement that I approach any new album by the incomparable veteran musician Snowy White as he never fails to delight with his incomparable slow, burning blues-influenced guitar playing and with every new release always delivering the goods!

White is one of those invaluable musicians who is always touring or releasing new albums and I suspect that the great and the good in rock and roll appreciate his talents far more than the casual music fan. He probably gets more attention or recognition for his work with Pink Floyd and the associated spin-offs as well as for a couple of years in Thin Lizzy (Chinatown and Renegade albums) and those of a certain age will always remember his wonderful Bird Of Paradise single which achieved worldwide sales in December 1983. However, his solo career has been most successful too with twenty plus albums in his locker either under the Snowy White Banner or as The White Flames (the name of his debut album) and also as Blues Project as well as Blues Agency; whatever the name the trademark fluid guitar style is always at the forefront. He can always be guaranteed to deliver superior white blues in a laid back and most relaxed style as well as delicious blues that immediately command your attention. White’s style is somewhere between Peter Green, Mark Knopfler and Chris Rea and he forgoes the usual showboating normally associated with guitar gods as he concentrates on substance and gravitas rather than flashy pyrotechnics or fast and furious riffing. The words that spring to mind are fluid and emotional when it comes to describing his style and his playing truly does draw you in and you just have to sit there, listening in open mouthed astonishment at the level of the man’s skills.

As usual, Snowy White surrounds himself with quality musicians with Thomas White on drums, Max Middleton on piano, Hammond and strings with Ferry Lagendijk on piano, Hammond and synths and, come on, who doesn’t love to hear the Hammond organ in all it’s glory? White shows his versatility by also playing bass and keyboards as well as supplying warm and friendly vocals with a delivery similar to those of Mark Knopfler.

If you are into classic rock and white blues similar to the British Invasion of the ’60s then you’ll love this album and revel in the guitar playing of a true master who makes the guitar a solid extension of his heart as he takes you on such an emotional and fulfilling journey.

Driving On The 44

  1. Freshwater (7:14)
  2. Longtime Blues (5:02)
  3. Down In The Dark (7:34)
  4. Driving On The 44 (5:04)
  5. Blues 22 (5:07)
  6. Ain’t No Secret (5:22)
  7. Keep On Flying (6:36)
  8. One Man Girl (4:17)
  9. Slinky Too (4:41)
  10. Lady Luck (So Mean To Me) (4:31)