September 1, 2021

Overload is the debut release by Spektra the latest new band to hit us from Brazil and it make you wonder just how much more hidden talent simply awaiting discovery is hidden away in South America. The band is led by the vocalist BJ, a stalwart and well respected member of the Brazilian rock community and he is also the singer with fellow Brazilian band Tempestt and the Greek band DangerAngel. You may also know him as the guitarist/keyboard player with both SOTO and Swedish legends Talisman alongside the acclaimed singer Jeff Scott Soto himself so it is obvious that this guy has the talent and rock pedigree to succeed. No doubt, he is going to be labelled as an overnight singing sensation but he already has nine albums and two DVDs to his name so he already knows his way around the music industry. He has brought in some talented musician he already knows well with fellow musicians from Tempestt and the Jeff Scott Soto band in Edu Cominato (drums), Leo Mancini (guitar) and Henrique Canale (bass) and all are long established musicians having earned their chops as rock and roll journeymen.

Together, they have produced Overload which is a mighty fine hard yet melodic stadium rock album similar in design and feel to the heavyweights of Journey, Dokken and, unsurprisingly, Talisman. The album has been produced by the talented duo of Jeff Scott Soto and Alessandro Del Vecchio and these two excellent musicians know a thing of two about how a melodic album should be put together and, more importantly, what it should sound like when completed. For sure, this is a welcome addition to the melodic rock/AOR world and the musicians are all supremely talented with BJ being a powerhouse singer and he truly makes you sit up and take notice when he cranks up the power. Canale and Cominato combine perfectly with the drums and bass coming together with a force than can shatter skulls over which Leo Mancini proves, if ever proof were needed, that he is a guitarist without equal as he lays down a seemingly never ending series of power chords and truly searing guitar solos.

What I like about the work is that it is not just designed to showcase the prodigious talents of BJ as a singer as it concentrates on showing them all as a team and they are so much stronger as a rock unit rather than merely being a collection of individuals. Much of the material has been written in collaboration with Soto and Del Vecchio and each track is a very well composed up tempo rocker with superb production and all feature plenty of hooks and harmonies but there is a real hard rock vibe through the album too so it works on many levels. Not too many ballads either but BJ also shows he can handle the more emotional side too with aplomb and this is one singer (an band) that we are sure to hear more from.

Overload is an excellent hard rock album from a team of very talented Brazilian musicians and we will surely hear more from then and I, for one, cannot wait.

Overload track list

  1. Overload (3:52)
  2. Runnin’ Out Of Time (3:23)
  3. Just Because (3:21)
  4. Since I Found You (4:13)
  5. Our Love (4:10)
  6. Breakaway (3:47)
  7. Don’t Matter (3:39)
  8. Back Into Light (4:07)
  9. Forsaken (3:21)
  10. Behind Closed Door (3:40)
  11. Lonely Road (2:55)