February 24, 2024

Autumn’s Child is a band that continues Sweden’s fine tradition of producing quality melodic rock bands with Tellus Timeline being their fifth album since its formation in 2019. The catalyst for the band was the singer songwriter Mikael Erlandsson who combined his own solo career alongside being a member of Secret Service and the outstanding Last Autumns Dream which he formed with the guitarist Andy Malecek of Fair Warning acclaim and it was when they went on hiatus in 2018 that he put together Autumn’s Child.

Erlandson brought in a team of accomplished musicians in guitarist extraordinaire Pontus Åkesson (Moon Safari), keyboardist and acoustic guitar player Claes Andreasson (Heartbreak Radio), Jona Tee on keyboards (H.E.A.T) and drummer Robban Bäck (ex-Eclipse) with guests bass players Joel Starander and Peter Samuelsson making for a quite heady brew. The debut was a classy affair being a pleasing mixture of Bad Company and Journey with the following albums continuing their pleasing and radio friendly approach although a tweaking of the team followed a little later yet the quality melodic style remained of the highest order.

Tellus Timeline continues with the very much FM radio friendly delivery although the band’s love of ’70s British glam shines throughout and there are definite Beatles overtones on several of the tracks and most definitely on the epic Around The World In A Day which gives the band almost a feel of the Australian band Unitopia! Åkesson’s superior guitar work shines throughout with valuable support from Andreasson and Erlandsson again shows what a class act he is on vocals with Tee being the consummate professional on keyboards and more sterling work from drummer Bäck and neat bass work from the former Hammerfall musician Magnus Rosén all helping the give the band a rather unique sound.

This is a band that likes to involve several guests and this tradition continues with Gates of Paradise featuring the Swedish opera singer Karin Funk and Juliet sees the addition of Alien vocalist Jim Jidhed for a neat duet. Erlandsson delights in shaking the music up and that helps keep the band fresh and relevant and always worthy of an extended listen.

Tellus Timeline

  1. Strike Of Lightning (4:58)
  2. Gates Of Paradise (3:43)
  3. Here Comes The Night (4:08)
  4. We Are Young (4:37)
  5. Around The World In A Day (6:10)
  6. On Top Of The World (3:26)
  7. This Is Goodbye (4:32)
  8. Juliet (5:05)
  9. Come Get It (3:40)
  10. Never Surrender (3:43)
  11. I belong To You (3:00)